Eighty Four Percent of Real Estate Professionals Feel 2013 Will Bring More Sales and Higher Prices

dennis-norman-realtorReal estate professionals are definitely showing more confidence in the housing market today, with over eighty percent (84 percent) of them thinking that 2013 will bring more home sales and higher prices than 2012, according to the results of a survey by Market Leader (FWIW I agree). This represents a 28 percent increase in confidence in the market from a year ago when a similar survey was conducted.

2012 vs 2013 Real Estate Confidence

                                            2012        2013      Increase
Real estate values                           3.0         3.9         28%
Real estate transactions                     3.6         4.0         11%
New constructions starts                     3.2         3.9         21%
Local economy                                3.4         3.8         12%

(Scale of 1-5 where 1 represents a significant decline, 3 represents it to stay flat, and 5 represents a significant increase)

The professionals surveyed expect to see the greatest activity and rebound in 2013 are several cities in the middle of the country. In fact, eight of top ten markets predicted to experience the most growth in 2013 are “heartland” states.

2013 Best Real Estate Markets

1. Austin
2. Ft. Myers – Naples
3. Kansas City
4. Salt Lake City
5. Houston
6. Portland, OR
7. Dallas-Ft. Worth
8. Nashville
9. Detroit
10. San Antonio

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