Who Lives In Ferguson?

I spent most of my childhood as well as my early adulthood living in Ferguson and have fond memories of those days. I remember, as a young child, walking down South Florissant Road, south of Carson Road, past a head shop surrounded by hippies in a building on the east side of the street where now is just a parking lot, thinking how strange everyone looked and wondering what a head shop was.  I also remember riding my bike all the way from my parents house on Spring to E.J. Korvette’s in Cool Valley to buy my mom a mothers day present.  Oh yeah, I also remember being “busted” by the railroad police when me and my dad were attempting to make off with an empty 55 gallon drum from the railroad property near the old train station. I was a teenager by this time and my latest “wild hair” was to build a forge to heat railroad spikes to the point I could pound them into some sort of art or whatever I had in mind. In either event, I needed a 55 gallon drum and found one just laying around by the railroad tracks…who would have known the railroad cared so much about their trash?

I never dreamed that some day Ferguson would be a household name, albeit for the wrong reasons.  In the past month I have spoke with reporters from the St Louis Post Dispatch, Fox 2 News, Reuters and even the Wall Street Journal, all wanting to know about the Ferguson real estate market.   I don’t know if the real estate market is just another angle to report about or if that many people are genuinely interested in the Ferguson real estate market, but it’s safe to say there are plenty of people talking about it.  An interesting thing hit me this morning….no one has asked me anything about the people that live in Ferguson, just about home prices, whether there has been “white flight”, if the market is being flooded by people wanting out, etc.   So, while I’ve been gone from Ferguson long enough not to personally know too many people there I decided to do some research and at least give some stats on who lives in Ferguson today.

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Who Lives in Ferguson Today?

  • Total Number of People:
    • 21, 129
    • race
      • White 7,606 (36%)
      • Black 13,523 (64%)
    • median age 36.3 years
      • Number of women:
        • 12,039  (57%)
        • median age 38.1 years
      • Number of men:
        • 9,090  (43%)
        • median age  35.4
  • Total Number of households
    • 8,836
    • Average size of household 2.37 people
    • Median household income $39,377
      • Number of Married-couple family households:
        • 2,784 (32%)
        • average size of household 2.95 people (39% of the total population)
        • 83.6% are home owners – 16.4% are renters
      • Number of Male householder, no wife present, family household
        • 447 (5%)
        • average size of household 2.95 people (7% of the total population)
        • 69.1% are home owners – 30.9% are renters
      • Number of Female householder, no husband present, family household
        • 2,673 (30%)
        • average size of household 3.05 people (39% of the total population)
        • 43.2% are home owners – 56.8% are renters
      • Number of Non-family household
        • 2,932 (33%)
        • average size of household 1.1 people  (15% of the total population)
        • 55.8% are home owners – 44.2% are renters

Data shown is from the United Census  2011-2013 American Community Survey.

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