Noise Tops List of Reasons For Disputes With Neighbors


In the Bible we are told to “love our neighbor as yourself” but it seems over 4 in ten people out there may have a problem with this and noise is the culprit almost half the time.  According to a new survey by, forty two percent (42) of Americans say they have had a dispute with a neighbor and almost half of that group (48 percent) cites noise as the reason for the dispute. 

The Top 8 Causes of Disputes with a Neighbor:

Noise 48%
Pets and animals 29%
Children behavior 21%
Visual nuisance, property appearance, trash, etc. 18%
Property boundaries 17%
Suspected criminal behavior 8%
Health or building code violations 4%
Parking 1%

How Americans Deal with Problems with a Neighbor:

Discussed issue personally with neighbor 49%
Called police 27%
Notified neighborhood or owners association 15%
Sent letter, note or email 11%
Went to court 4%
Went to mediation 4%
Other action 4%
Took no action 14%

The Outcome of the Dispute:

Mutually settled 40%
(no outside or third-party intervention)
Matter resolved itself 35%
(neighbor moved, behavior stopped, etc.)
Outside party solved 11%
(police, court, association, etc.)
Matter still unresolved 14%
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