St Louis Area Real Estate Market Primarily A Sellers Market Albeit A Cooling One

Four of the five counties that make up St Louis’ core real estate market appear to continue to be in a Seller’s market although the markets are cooling somewhat  as prices on active listings are trending downward a little and inventories are increasing somewhat, according to the latest data from MORE, REALTORS. The remaining county, Franklin, is indicating a buyers market with a supply of homes for sale in excess of 7 months and home prices trending lower.

The tables below show home sales, prices and inventory data for each county and then determines whether the market favors buyers or sellers based up the information presented.  This information is exclusively available from MORE, REALTORS and is some of the best and most relevant information consumers will find to help make a smart decision when buying or selling a home.  In addition to county-level data as shown below, the data is available for each city and zip code in the St Louis area as well at

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St Louis County Home Prices, Inventory and Sales Prices

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