St Louis County Cities With Highest Home Prices

What cities in St Louis County have the highest home prices?  Well, based upon homes that are either currently for sale or sold within the past year, the top 3 spots on both lists (current market or past 12 months0 are occupied by the St Louis County cities of Huntleigh, Country Life Acres and Ladue.

Average Sold Prices Are Lower Than Current List Price Average

When comparing the list of highest priced cities based upon the prices homes sold at in the prior 12 month period versus the prices current homes are listed at, the average current list prices are higher in many of the cities at the top of the list.  For example:

  • Country Life Acres sold price $ 1,324,481 current average list price is $ 1,847,000
  • Huntleigh sold price $ 1,245,625 current average list price is $ 3,248,857
  • Ladue sold price $ 912,183 current average list price is $1,497,819
  • Clayton sold price $ 874,840 current average list price is $ 1,377,771
  • Kirkwood sold price $ 317,701 current average list price is $ 426,314

See the tables below for more cities.

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For both complete lists of the top 30 cities in St Louis County (based upon sold prices as well as list prices) click here to go to our site with real-time data.

St Louis County Most Expensive Cities - Average Home Prices of Homes For Sale

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St Louis County's Most Expensive Cities Based Upon Home Prices Sold IN Past year

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