St. Louis County Home Values Declined 7 Percent According to Assessor Jake Zimmerman

St. Louis County Home Values

St. Louis County Home Values Dropped In 22 of 23 School Districts

St. Louis County Home Values declined seven (7) percent from 2011 to 2013 according to the preliminary report issued by St. Louis County Assessor, Jake Zimmerman who said “while some individual properties and neighborhoods have seen value increases, most of St. Louis County real estate has continued to experience declines.”  The school district with the largest decline in property values was the Riverview Gardens school district where home values fell 23.90 percent from 2011-2013, followed by the Normandy-Wellston school district with a 15.4 percent decline.  St. Louis County Home Values declined in 22 of the 23 school districts in the county with Clayton with a median home value of $442,350, being the only district to show an increase and then, just a slight increase of 0.40 percent in home values from 2 years ago, according to Zimmerman’s report.

To find the preliminary value of your home for assessment purposes, click the link below:

Actual change of assessment notices for St. Louis county property will be available online after May 31st at:

How To Appeal A Change of Assessment:

Once you have looked up the new value of your home, or received your change of assessment notice, if you feel the assessed value is higher than the true market value your should schedule an informal conference with the assessor’s office immediately by calling 314-615-4595.  If you need help determining the current market value of your home, I suggest you check out a site we have at or feel free to contact me for additional help.

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