St Louis Population Continues To Shift West

St Louis PopulationSt Louis did not make the list of the 15 fastest growing large cities just released by the U.S. Census Bureau and, in fact, no city in Missouri made the list.  The list was based upon the 2012 population estimates just released (literally about 1 minute ago) which showed, from 2011 – 2012, the State of Missouri barely had any population growth (0.22 percent).  In the St Louis area, as the table below shows which compares the 2010 population for cities and counties throughout the St Louis area to the 2011 and newly released 2012 estimates,  the St Louis population continues a trend started years ago of shifting to the west.  The city of St Louis lost population again in 2012 while neighboring counties to the west, namely St Louis County and St Charles County, gained population.  Within St Louis County there was also a shift to the west in general with many north county cities such as  and several mid county cities losing population while many west county cities saw a population increase.


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