St Louis Population Shifting Outward

Recently, the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2016 population estimates revealing that the city of St Louis continues to lose residents while outlying counties like St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin grow and St Louis county remains relatively stagnant.

As the table below shows, over the past 6 years the city of St Louis population declined almost 2.5% while St Charles County grew by nearly 8.5%.  Both St Charles County and Jefferson County have enjoyed annual growth in population since 2010 while Franklin County grew every year but one.  St Louis County has followed a different pattern than the rest with 3 years of growth, a small decline in 2014, 2015 went back to 2013 levels nearly then 2016 gave up everything gained in the prior years falling back to a population lower than in 2010.  St Louis city has continued to decline in population year after year for the periods shown.

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St Louis Population Trends 2010-2016

St Louis Population Trends 2010-2016

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