St Louis ranked 15th worst performing metro market in U.S.

dennis-norman-top-fifteen-real-estate-marketsUgh, not the list we want to be on!  Clear Capital just released it’s monthly Home Data Index™ (HDI) for March, which includes a list of the 15 best performing real estate markets in the U.S. as well as the 15 worst performing markets in the U.S and, unfortunately, St Louis is on the worst performing list…albeit barely.

At the top of the list for best performing markets is the metro area of Providence, RI – New Bedford, MA – FallRiver, MA with a 7.3 percent price increase in quarter over quarter and a 7.6 percent price increase in year over year. At the top of the list for the worst performing metro market is Cleveland, OH – Elyria, OH – Mentor, OH with a 9.4 percent price decline in quarter over quarter and a 7.3 percent price decline in year over year. See the complete lists below:



Source: Clear Capital


Source: Clear Capital

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