St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – August 2019 – Dirt Cheap Interest Rates

The St Louis real estate market is still going strong and interest rates are dirt cheap! Not much has changed over the past few months in the St Louis housing market in terms of home prices and sales, prices continue to rise at normal, healthy rates and sales continue along at a rate a little shy of last year.  What has changed dramaticaly  over the past 9 or 10 months however, are interest rates.  The have dropped by a third and in this months market update video I do a little math and show just how much that impacts home buyers in a  positive way! Find out more, as well as get information on some of St Louis’s best resources for home buyers and sellers in our just-released market update video.

In our MORE, REALTORS, 5 Minute St Louis Real Estate Market Update video below, you can quickly and easily get the latest information on home prices, home sales, trends and more for the entire St Louis area!  

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