St Louis Real Estate Market Update Video for February 2013

dennis-norman-st-louis-realtor-real-estate-The St. Louis Real Estate Market is heating up in many areas and, in fact, some neighborhoods are beginning to take on the appearance of a seller’s market.  A decline in the inventory of homes for sale along with some increased demand is helping spark life into many markets…I show the impact on two of these markets in this months video but we can easily show you how your neighborhood is doing as well.  Or, if you are trying to decide if not is the time to buy, contact us and we’ll help you answer that question and see specifically what areas are the best for buyers at this time.

To get the latest St. Louis Real Estate Stats and the latest, best and most comprehensive St Louis Real Estate Data, check out our 5-minute video update below for January for the St Louis real estate market. The update includes charts with up to the date data on the St Louis housing market including St Louis home prices, average time to sell a home in the St Louis area as well as other data and charts to show where the St Louis real estate market is and where it is headed. (Check out all our market update videos on our YouTube Channel – click here. You can now subscribe to our ITUNES Podcast Channel to receive our updated market videos via podcast automatically each week! Just click here, then click on “Subscribe Free”.)

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