The Urban Chicken Capital Of The U.S.

The Urban Chicken Capital Of The U.S.The Urban Chicken Capital Of The U.S. is Portland Oregon at least in terms of the number of homes that have come on the market in the past 3 months with a  “chicken enclosure”  listed as a feature,  according to the “Best Cities To Be A Chicken” report from Redfin.

Urban chickens have become popular over the past few years with health conscious  folks that want fresh eggs although this new trend has met some opposition by city councils as well as some neighbors.  From the best I can tell, the city of St Louis does permit chickens, although you are limited to 4 total domestic pets, including the chickens and St Louis county and St Charles county both permit chickens to be kept for personal use.

The top 5 Cities to Be A Chicken:

1. Portland, Oregon

2. Ventura, California

3. San Diego, California

4. Sacramento, California

5. Seattle, Washington




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