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judy-sepac-st-louis-realtor-185-stuartOn Sunday, my husband, daughter and I toured the Stuart Castle located in Eureka, MO. We had previously arranged to have 2 Brokers and another Realtor accompany us on the tour, but they were unable to attend. My husband was a bricklayer/stonemason and he was excited to see the Work that was done here.

When We arrived at this gem of a private and secluded property We had to open the gates to gain entry to the main drive to the mansion. I unlocked the gate and slid it open. I began to take photos & a video of the grounds and this architectural Wonder that was built with so much love and labor. (Don’t stop now, continue reading to see the video tour and photos!)

The Stuart Castle of Eureka, MO This is just an awesome property located on approximately 6 acres. It has an interesting and romantic history and I’ll give you some background. The home has been foreclosed on and is a true bargain but does need some TLC! Stuart Castle was originally valued at $2 million, and is now being offered for $410,900. And it is a CASH, AS IS, only deal!

The original property was 111 acres and purchased around 1900 by George W. Brown, the founder of Brown Shoe Company. At that time he had a residence (4,500 sq.ft. cottage; not MY idea of a cottage!) used as only a summer residence. They named it Glen Meadow. It’s estimated to have been completed in 1904.

185 Stuart, Eureka, MO  The Stuart CastleAlong comes Dr. Stuart (a SLU graduate and dermatologist) With his dream to build a castle for his “Princess Bride” Joan, and he became obsessed with making the dream a reality. He buys the lll acre property that overlooks the Meramec River and the magic begins!  He makes trips to Ireland and Scotland to research castles there.  Lucky for him, his father-in-law (a stone mason) would advise him (long distance) over the phone as to how to proceed to lay the stone. He becomes a stone hunter scavenger and buyer. Patients having trouble paying their bills would be enticed to clean the mortar from the stones as payment. He was inspired by historic buildings and credits Mount Vernon and Monticello for two of the chimneys.

The Stuart Castle, St Louis, MOConstruction are stonewalls which are 24” thick (We have 13” stonewalls in our family room that my husband constructed). It’s said that they exceeded Union Electric (now Ameren) gold medallion standards. He and his l4 year old (child labor?) son Worked together moving stone and helping to put it in place. The family occupied the property from 1968 to 1982 and unfortunately, Dr. Stuart and his wife divorced.

The almost 8000 square foot castle encases the original (estimated) 4,500 square foot summer cottage of the Brown family. The home has black cherry kitchen cabinets, fireplace, barbeque and dumb waiter in the kitchen. There is a huge family room and game room. There are 3 separate sun rooms on the 2nd floor. The master bath has Michigan field stone. The exterior/interior is made of solid granite blocks (An article in the St. Louis Post Magazine stated he used block layers for this) and has granite stone interior floors. It has a well and septic system. The property does have other homes around it but is still very private and has fenced yard. From the top floor you can see the
Six Flags fireworks and the local ski slopes and Meramec River in the Winter!

185 Stuart, Eureka, MO  The Stuart Castle as described and presented by St Louis Realtor, Judy Sepac of MORE, REALTORS.The home (castle) has only four bedrooms, but they are large one is estimated at 500 square feet. The master bedroom suite has a private Romeo & Juliet balcony on the 2nd floor along with an office, yoga room and a huge bathroom with shower for two! Guest rooms have full size baths also and include Travertine marble. The home has about 14 rooms including sun rooms.

There are hidden passage ways & rooms, peep holes and a 185 Stuart, Eureka, MO  The Castlebookcase that will expose a stairway to the basement. Supposedly it also had pressure sensitive strips, under the carpet, to show where a person was Walking. Hmm, interesting, but true? There are quotes inscribed in a few of the stones (inside & out) that reflect his interest. When the next purchaser stepped in, also a doctor (Internist) the home had been vacant for some time and it’s said he put in $1-2 million in repairs due to vandalism and had a complete “gut repair” down to the sub-floor, according to one of the former owners son. Yes, it needs some repairs, but if you have a dream, some money to invest, Want to live in a castle in a great location, this could be the answer for you.

(Special thanks to Realtor Jim Russo for allowing me to tour and write about his listing)

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