Survey Shows Bankers Feeling Better About Housing Market

bankers housing marketFICO Survey Shows Bankers Are More Optimistic About Housing Market

Most bankers surveyed (83.7 percent)  in FICO’s first quarter 2013 survey, said they felt mortgage delinquencies would decline, or at worst stay the same, during the next 6 months.  Additionally, 70.8 percent of the bankers feel  home prices are rising at a sustainable pace.

Key Findings and predictions about the next six months:

  • Most (83.7%) believe that the level of mortgage delinquencies will decrease or stay the same, a significant improvement over last quarter.
  • Less than 20% (19.2%) believe the level of home equity line delinquencies will rise.
  • 48.6% expect that the number of new delinquencies will remain the same, up over 10% from last quarter.
  • Most respondents (70.8%) feel that home prices are rising at a sustainable pace.


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