Ten Years Later…Update On The Homeowner Sentenced To Jail For Yard Art (Updated Photos Too)

Nearly ten years ago I first wrote about the owner of a property in Ballwin that was sentenced to 20 days in jail after he had refused to make changes to the art displayed in his yard that officials for the city of Ballwin had deemed to be dangerous.  The property owner, Lewis Greenberg, had decorated his home and filled his yard with a variety of items he referred to as “art” that was to make a statement about the Holocaust.

After hearing of this back in May 2010,  I decided to check out his home at 977 Morena Court, in Ballwin to see what all the excitement was about.  When I arrived I was a little surprised at the quantity of “art” on the property but, as the photos in my original article show (click here for article) it didn’t look that bad, just kind of cluttered and very colorful.

When I wrote that article 10 years ago I didn’t realize how much interest there would be in it, but it has been the most read article on this site in the 12 years we have been publishing St Louis Real Estate News.

Given that I had not been back by the property since writing the article and there continues to be so much interest, I decided it was time for an update. I started by check the tax records to see if lewis Greenberg still owned the home and sure enough, he does.  I then went by there today to see if he still had his art displayed or if he had caved in and decide to comply with the city of Ballwin.

Well, the art is still there but it doesn’t look as good as it did last time.  As I mentioned above and the photos in my first article show, his yard looked much better in 2010 than today.  Today while I was there, I really felt for the neighbors that have to live with this. I am a staunch supporter of our first amendment rights, but I can certainly feel for the property owners that live around this home.

977 Morena Court Photos – February 2020

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