The Man Cave Shed

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Ok, so you’re a guy, you went to church this morning with the family, came home and did a couple of “honey do” projects, played with the kids and walked the dog.  Now it’s time for a little “ME TIME”, right?  But…how do you get your peace and quiet to kick back and watch the game and yet still be at home with your family?  The answer is simple…you need a MAN CAVE!  What?  No room in the house for one as the family has taken over?  No problem!   Here’s the answer, a Man Cave Shed!  Best I can tell, they are very affordable, comfortable and provide you an instant man cave out in the yard…all the while having the appearance of a utility shed (albeit a rather nice one) from the exterior.  Perfect cover! Let the wife, kids and neighbors think you are in the shed hard at work while you are actually in the recliner, eating bacon, watching the game and admiring your mounts at the same time!  Check out the tour in the video below..
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