Understanding Missouri’s Place in National Migration Trends

A recent national migration study by Atlas Van Lines sheds light on the movement patterns across the United States in 2023. For Missouri, and by extension, the St. Louis real estate market, these insights are particularly revealing.

While the study highlights various states experiencing significant inbound or outbound moves, Missouri stands out for its balanced migration pattern. With 51% outbound and 49% inbound moves, this balance has been consistent since 2018, indicating a stable demographic flow in Missouri. This steadiness is an essential factor for real estate professionals in St. Louis, as it suggests a continuous opportunity to cater to both new arrivals and existing residents.

The migration map shown below, illustrating these trends, serves as a visual guide to understanding how Missouri compares with its neighboring states and the nation. Unlike states with heavy inbound or outbound flows, Missouri’s balanced migration pattern presents a unique market scenario. Here, the focus for real estate professionals should be on sustaining and enhancing the region’s appeal to both potential newcomers and current residents.

Missouri’s stable migration pattern implies that while we may not experience dramatic shifts in population, there is a consistent demand for housing and real estate services. This demand is driven by a variety of factors, including economic stability, job opportunities, and quality of life – all critical aspects that influence people’s decisions to move.

The balanced migration in Missouri underscores the importance of focusing on holistic development and marketing strategies that address the needs of a diverse population. For the St. Louis real estate market, it’s about striking a balance between welcoming new residents and serving the needs of those who have long called Missouri home.

2023 Migration Patterns By State – Based on Interstate Household Goods Moves

(from November 16, 2022 through November 16, 2023 – click on map for full report)

2023 Migration Patterns By State - Based on Interstate Household Goods Moves

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