Want To Sell Your Home? We Know The Name Of The Likely Buyer!

When you interview real estate agents to consider them to list your home there are all sorts of claims they can make as to what they will do different, or how they will get your home sold quicker, for more, etc.  But how about this one?  I can tell you the name of the person likely to buy your home!  

Well, maybe I should add a caveat or two…

I can tell you that, in an analysis of over 4 million home sales during 2017 done by ATTOM Data Solutions, it was revealed where there were the largest increases, and decreases, in purchases based upon the buyers first name.  This is no doubt a result, in part, of the rise in home purchases by millennials.

Buyers named Dylan, Chelsea, Austin, Alexandra and Taylor saw the biggest increase in home purchases in 2017 nationwide.  Homebuyers named  Dylan saw a 41% increase from the year before, Chelsea 17%, Austin 16%, Alexandra 14% and Taylor 13%.  Here in Missouri, home buyers named Sandra saw a 35% increase in 2017 over the prior year.

Homebuyers by these names are falling fast…

At the other end of the spectrum, 2017 saw a big decline in homebuyers by the name of Gerald (-19%), Kristin (-18%), Stanley (-17%), Kurt (-16%)  and Jaime (-16%).  In Missouri, the biggest drop in 2017 was by homebuyers named Brent with a 29% decline from the year before.

So there you have it…We do know the names of your likely buyers.  :)

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