Top 100 web sites for do it yourself home improvement


Are you ready to tackle that bathroom renovation you’ve been putting off? Before you pick up the phone and hire a contractor, why not save some cash and try your hand at it. Considering the cost of renovations for homeowners, DIY has gained popularity. The following list, created by Construction Management, contains 100 of the top DIY websites to help guide your home improvement projects, in no particular order. We arrived at this list through our own research, and for the benefit of our readers. The list is organized by area of the home including; General Remodeling, Interior Decorating, Kitchen and Bathroom, Office and Workspaces, Landscaping and Exterior, Basement, Storage, and Closets.

General Remodeling

Among all the DIY sites available, general remodeling seems to be the most common. There are numerous sites that provide ideas and tips from overhauling your basement, to giving your bedroom room a makeover, to sprucing up your laundry room. Listed below are various sites focused on general remodeling.

1. Danny Lipford

Danny Lipford, a well-known remodeling contractor, is an expert on home improvement. His blog contains expert advice on home improvement including how to, videos, lawn and garden, DIY and articles. He is the host of a nationally syndicated television show, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford, as well as host of a radio show.

2. Nest Pix

NestPix is a mobile app made for anyone interested in DIY home improvement projects that empowers people to share and track their work. The blog for NestPix offers a useful look at the DIY industry as a whole, and offers special posts highlighting some of the more interesting DIY projects NestPix users are doing.

3. Charles & Hudson

Charles & Hudson serves as a discovery agent for people with an appreciation of design and innovation. Founded in 2005, the site’s owner has a background working at This Old House, ELLE DECOR, Metropolitan Home, Woman’s Day and Car & Driver.

4. The Ugly Duckling House

Follow Sarah, a self-proclaimed diehard DIY-er as she fixes up and renovates her Atlanta, Georgia home. She’s also the recipient of a Stylish Blogger Award. Go Sarah!

5. Remodelaholic

Blog author, Cassity describes her blog as DIY at its finest. Her motto is reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, and remodel! She typically uses old things in creative ways including reusing old building supplies in other projects.

6. The Stylish Nest

Wanting a place to reflect their personalities, The Stylish Nest writers created a blog about their adventures in making their house a home. They embrace the DIY lifestyle, including doing most of the work in their home and garden by themselves.

7. Young House Love

Well-known husband and wife blogging duo, Sherry and John Petersik created Young House Love to give thrifty homeowners the motivation and inspiration to turn their homes into places to love. Follow them as they work on their latest renovation projects and chase after their young daughter.

8. DIY Diva

The tagline of the DIY Diva blog is “bridging the gap between woman and power tool wielding badass one project at a time…” Follow along as Kit Stansley writes about big time DIY, the love of tools, and what it’s like to live in a garage while building a house in her spare time.

9. Curbly

Curbly is an online community for people who love where they live. Produced by a team led by publisher, Bruno Bornsztein, Curbly is the best place to share pictures of your home, find design ideas, and get expert home-improvement advice.

10. Ask Mason

Ask Mason is the blog written by Mason Hearn, of Central Virginia’s Home Masons. Get your questions answered about your latest remodel, renovation, fix up or DIY.

11. Construction 411

Construction-411 is leading internet consumer site that hopes to educate the public about remodeling and home improvement projects. Visit their blog for top home improvement advice.

12. Moonworks Home Improvement Blog

MoonWorks is a home improvement company serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire. For over 15 years, they have helped home owners achieve peace of mind in their home improvement projects. Their blog is a popular resource for DIY and home improvement aficionados.

13. Do It Yourself

Established in 1995, is the leading independent home improvement and home repair website. It was named “One of the Top 50 Sites in the World” by Time Magazine. In addition to its broad list of DIY topics, it operates the most active home improvement forums on the Internet.

14. Cal Native Gardens

Cal Native Gardens is a blog that focuses on home improvement and gardening. From furnishings, to large scale home improvement advice, Cal Native Gadens offers a variety of DIY advice.

15. Home Renovation and Remodeling, also known as Home Renovation and Remodeling provides information about home renovation and remodeling, contractors and home decorating. They are affiliated with Dreamworks Remodeling.

16. DIY with ADD

DIY with ADD is a blog run by a “home design enthusiast on a small budget” with the main goal of sharing DIY ideas with readers via thoughtful posts and beautiful photography.

17. has a focus on being a “recipe book” for anything that relates to home improvement. This includes installing new flooring, replacing an outdated kitchen, and even adding entire rooms.

18. Dans le Townhouse

”Dans le Townhouse” is French-ish for “In the Townhouse.” This blog focuses on the DIY adventures of Tanya and her husband as they work on their 1976 townhouse in Ottawa, Canada. Posts also cover various DIY art projects that showcase Tanya’s unique creative abilities.

19. DIY Showoff

DIY Showoff is a site that offers readers tutorials and general advice on budget-friendly, do-it-yourself decorating and home improvement projects. One of the fundamentals of DIY living is sharing your own personal creativity with the world. To that end, this site encourages all readers to be DIY showoffs.

20. What You Make It…

What You Make It is a blog run by author Coley, a passionate DIY’er. Posts cover many aspects of DIY including crafts, food, painting, and more. Coley shares her sense of style through numerous photos and thoughtful writings about her DIY lifestyle.

21. The Happy Homebodies

This blog is a chronicle of the adventures of Jordan and her husband Scott as they improve their home which was purchased only a month before they were married. Many posts focus on DIY art projects and other creative ways the “Happy Homebodies” have spruced up their home.

22. Olive Our House

A blog that started as simply a place for authors Erin and Sean to document their first home renovations has now become a place to document their various life events, and most importantly, their improvements on their 1930s colonial home.

23. AM Dolce Vita

The “AM” in “AM Dolce Vita” stands for Anthony and Michelle, who use the site to chronicle the renovations of their custom built home. The site has various sections for each area of their house, and a special section for DIY projects.

  • Notable Posts: DIY Projects
  • Author: Michelle
  • Connect: Pinterest
  • Specialty: DIY projects around the home

24. Modestly Handmade

Modestly Handmade is the result of a young married couple trying various handmade projects around the home on a budget, while also having the desire to share their DIY knowledge and experiences. This site is a valuable resource, offering DIY plans, tips, and FAQs.

25. DIY On The Cheap

The stated mission of DIY On the Cheap is to share creative ideas for home decorating on a budget. Subjects covered include bargain shopping and thrifting, craft projects, furniture refinishing, and more.

Interior Decorating

Interior decorating DIY sites provide the most vibrant and creative blend of DIY’ing sites. Interior decorating DIY sites provide a multitude of tips from how to make an outdated room look brand new with just a fresh coat of paint, to how to create your own pillow cases to make a dull room POP. Below you will find sites focused on interior decorating.

26. Material Girls

Covering interior design, and pop culture in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, Material Girls features tips and advice from real designers on the latest trends and fashions for the home.

27. Apartment Therapy

According to Apartment Therapy’s website, their mission is helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.

28. Design Wonderland

Design Wonderland is an eclectic mix of all wonderful things that inspire the blog’s author on a daily basis. Rooted in art history and interior design, the blog is filled with beautiful imagery and inspiration.

29. Ikea Hackers

Ikea Hacks focuses on modifications and repurposing of Ikea furniture. Since 2006, blog creator “Jules,” has been bringing the best Ikea hacks around the web to one place. Learn how to turn a $10 dollar table into a piece of art!

30. Habitually Chic

Musings on art, architecture, design, fashion, photography, books, events, and everything else habitually chic can be found on this solo-run blog.


Los Angeles based, “CoCo,” as she goes by, started her blog to cover her favorite interiors, decorations and textiles. It’s full of inspiration for your home, and her spunky personality should make you chuckle from time to time too.

32. Decor8

Holly Becker, Founder & Editor of decor8 is an American author, freelance journalist and interior design consultant who currently lives in northern Germany. Launched in January of 2006, decor8 is known as a reliable design resource worldwide to over 48,000 daily readers.

33. Design Sponge

Design Sponge is an interior design blog managed by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. Since its inception in August of 2004, the site updates multiple times a day and was called a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by the New York Times.

34. Pad Style

PadStyle is a decor blog featuring inspiring posts about stylish furnishings for your home. The blog is produced by Nikkoshops home furniture store.

35. The Decorating Diva

The Decorating Diva showcases content about design, luxury interiors, the decorative arts, creative inspiration, market reports, trends, modern art and architecture.

36. Green Your Decor

Demonstrating that style and quality can also be sustainable, Green Your Decor is a one-stop guide for all things “green” for the home, from rugs and wall art to linens, furniture and paint.

37. The Design File

Out of Indianapolis, The Design File features not just unattainable design ideas, but affordable, inspirational and fun ideas to reinvent your home.

38. Molly Frey Design Studio

Molly Frey is a residential designer with over 10 years of experience. Her blog is a way for her to showcase her company’s work, and it’s pretty darn inspiring!

39. Remodelista

Remodelista offers an edited selection of awesome for your home and interior spaces. Written by a group of people from San Francisco, New York, and London, who are a bit manic about decorating, you’re sure to come across your next great home buy!

40. Home Portfolio

Home Portfolio began in the 90s when founders Rolly Rouse and Tom Ashbrook created the first ever online library of high-end home products. They focus on providing a wide variety of home design resources.

41. Design Milk

Design Milk is an online magazine that focuses on modern design. The digital magazine offers a fresh and new take on art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion, and technology.

42. Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation is home to over 60 “retro” house bloggers. The site is dedicated to likeminded people who love their mid-century homes.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom DIY sites are much more sporadic to find, yet provide extremely creative ideas that allow you to think outside the box when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom. From painting your cabinets a new color, to updating the curtains, to changing just the hardware; are just a couple ideas to renovate your kitchen and bathroom found on most DIY sites. Listed below are several kitchen and bathroom DIY sites.

43. Kathy’s Remodeling Blog: Kitchens

Author Kathy Price-Robinson runs a remodeling blog that is chock-full of great DIY tips for home remodeling. However, her Kitchen section is particularly notable for its helpful posts covering the ins and outs of kitchen remodeling.

44. A Detailed House

After becoming fed up with the outrageous prices some contractors can charge, author Kearney decided to take her home improvements into her own hands, and to write about it as well. There are sections for many areas of the home, but we found the Kitchen posts to be particularly useful.

45. Inviting

Inviting covers a variety of home improvement topics and provides readers with both home product purchase options as well as extremely useful DIY advice. The kitchen section of Inviting Home’s blog should be noted for its useful posts on many kitchen design and functionality details.

46. Helpful Kitchen Tips

Helpful Kitchen Tips is on a mission to aid readers in all aspects of kitchen improvement. Founder Ganka Vasileva hopes to save readers both time and money through useful guides, ideas, and reviews.

47. Jennifer Adams Design Tips and Trends

Design is an integral part of any DIY project around the home. Jennifer Adams and her fellow designers offer a site with video guides and other tips that cover all aspects of design-conscious home improvement. Posts relating to the kitchen are particularly useful.

48. Home Decorating and Staging

Home Decorating and Staging is a site focused on giving you insider secrets on how to better prepare and “stage” your home to sell. The site has numerous posts providing ways to spruce up a room, organize storage space, and make your home more appealing when your ready to put it on the market. If you are looking for ways to stage your home in order to sell it, then this is the site to explore!

49. Beautiful Kitchens

Beautiful Kitchens started out as a magazine in 1999, and has since grown significantly in readership. The web site consists of blog posts highlighting some of the most appealing and useful kitchen products and DIY design ideas.

50. Luxury Kitchen by Designers

Anyone who is interested in luxurious kitchens and related DIY projects will find this site to be particularly useful. The focus of posts relates to the design and execution of some of the most appealing kitchens around. Categories covered include Kitchen Lighting Ideas, Remodeling, Luxury Kitchens, and Modern Kitchens.

51. On Kitchen Spot

The Kitchen Spot is a site focused on covering aspect of kitchens including appliances, utensils, and cooking spaces. Post categories include Decorating & Remodeling, DIY, Grade-Schooler, Kitchen Accessories, and more.

52. The Kitchn

The Kitchn is a web resource that covers almost any aspect of kitchens that you could think of. Readers can read up on meals, DIY improvement guides, food and ingredients, tools, cookbooks, and much more.

53. DIY Bathroom Remodel

The hope of the writers over at DIY Bathroom Remodel is to give readers ideas and tips to help them complete bathroom remodeling projects by themselves. Some of the areas of bathroom remodeling include Shower Ideas, Lighting Tips, Cabinet Ideas, DIY Plumbing, and much more.

54. Plumber in Slough DIY Articles

This blog is run by David and his plumbing group in Slough, Leeds. Their posts focus on various DIY projects and advice aiming to keep readers that may not even need plumbing services informed.

55. Green DIY Energy Guide Review

This is a flagship site for a DIY book and DVD for those interested in Green home improvements. If you are someone who is interested in lowering your carbon footprint through your DIY home improvements, and don’t want to invest in a DVD, than this site still has useful information and video guides.

56. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

One of the biggest challenges with DIY home improvement projects can be simply coming up with good ideas. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, this site hopes to make DIY projects easier by supplying readers with various ideas for interesting bathroom remodeling projects.

57. Freshome Interior Design & Architecture

Freshome offers interior design and architecture information on a multitude of areas in the home. However, their pictures and accompanying descriptions about bathrooms give readers a glimpse of how to have truly elegant design taste.

58. The Family Handyman: Bathroom Remodeling

The Family Handyman is an extremely useful DIY site for tools, tips, ideas, and connecting to the DIY community for additional advice. Of note is their bathroom section, which offers all sorts of useful writings on improving every area of the bathroom.

59. Daniels Kitchen Bath

Written by Mark Daniels, this site is one of the top sites on the web for bathroom and kitchen remodeling information. Full of useful pictures, videos, written explanations, and ideas for DIY projects, this is a must see for any home improvement fanatic.

Office and Work Spaces

Getting work done around the home is often challenging due to the lack of useable spaces. For this very reason, it’s a great idea to consider embarking on a DIY journey to revamp or improve areas in your home. The following web sites have much to offer readers interested in improving their Office or other Work Spaces.

60. Blissfully Ever After

Blissfully Ever After is written by Jennifer, a former corporate and real estate professional turned stay-at-home mom. Together with other contributors, Jennifer shares advice and tips about everything from DIY projects and crafts to budget living and tasty kitchen recipes. For anyone interested in home improvement on a budget, it’s a must-read!

61. Home Stories A to Z

“A2Z”, authored by Beth Hunter, has the mission to inspire, teach, and encourage readers to authentically create beauty in the home. Whether it be simple DIY projects, or more advanced home improvement undertakings, Beth provides wonderful insight.

62. Mom Endeavors

Written by a former biology teacher, this thoughtful site is dedicated to sharing knowledge about motherhood with readers. This includes children, cooking, capturing, and perhaps most useful to our readers…creating through DIY projects.

63. Our Forever House

Our Forever House consists of the tips, tricks, and musings of Lori as she improves her family’s home. Posts consist of useful information for anyone interested in DIY projects and maintaining a frugal lifestyle.

64. Emily A Clark: Design Simplified

The main purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for those interested in learning more about decorating and improving the look and feel of a home through author Emily A. Clark’s useful posts. As an interior decorator currently on hiatus, her eye for visual appeal in any room of the home cannot be overstated.

65. Crafty Nest

Crafty nest is an excellent resource for anyone interested in DIY tips, tricks, and more to help them improve many rooms in their home. Of particular note is the tutorial section, which has posts offering painting tips, organization tips, design advice, and more. It’s a great site for all things crafty!

66. Mix and Chic

This site is a must-see for any DIY’er who has a passion for home interiors and home décor. Author Jessie is an Interior Decorator who shares her artistic sense with her readers through thoughtful and interesting posts.

Landscaping and Exterior

It can be easy to become too focused on indoor spaces in the home when thinking about improvement. To that end, the following web sites offer a plethora of information on improving the exterior and landscape of the home. The sites and posts below offer readers great improvement ideas and guides from outdoor DIY specialists.

67. Exterior Worlds

Exterior Worlds is specialized in high-end landscape design, development, implementation, and maintenance. Their web site is a valuable resource for readers interested in discovering unique and beautiful landscaping ideas (and how to make them a reality).

68. Front Porch Ideas and More

This site stays true to its namesake, offering readers fantastic ideas for front porches and much more. Categories covered include front porch designs, walkway ideas, decking materials, landscaping ideas, and much more.

69. Deck vs Patio

Deck vs Patio incorporates the “do-it-yourself” motto to just about anything to do with the exterior of your home. The site provides helpful tips and instructions on how to build things such as patios, decks while even providing landscaping and garden design suggestions.

70. DIY Home Staging Tips

DIY Home Staging Tips is all about providing helpful tips and ideas on how to “stage” or makeover your house in order to prepare it for the real estate market. If you are looking to sell your home and want to be guided in the right direction, then this site is definitely a place to start and explore!

71. Backyard Oasis

Backyard Oasis is a Texas based outdoor area design and building team. They work with you on designing and creating outdoor living spaces such as pools and kitchens. If you are looking to remodel your pool or seek professional tips on how to redo your backyard, then Backyard Oasis is your go-to contractor for your next outdoor pool project.

72. Race Deck Garage Floors

RaceDeck Garage Floors is the leading module flooring manufacturers in the garage floor industry. On this site you will find more information regarding RaceDeck flooring, and then how to properly maintain and treat your flooring. No tools are required for installing RaceDeck flooring, it is that easy!

73. DIY Garage

DIY Garage is an automotive repair facility that provides full service or “do-it-yourself” auto repair. Want to learn how to do a repair on your car and fix things on your own? Then DIY Garage is your place!

74. House and Garden DIY

House and Garden DIY provides all the helpful do’s and don’ts when it comes to your home and garden. Most of the information on this site will give you suggestions on how to better prepare, save energy, and most importantly; Do-It-Yourself!

75. Secrets of Shed Building

Secrets of Shed Building is a site with all the “do-it-yourself” tips needed when building your shed from scratch. To keep your project on track, this site has ideas, opinions and advice when it comes to building a shed, while keeping it budget friendly.

76. Builder Bill DIY Help

Builder Bill DIY Help is a site dedicated to providing helpful tips and directions when it comes to building or remolding your home. There is an enormous amount of information on this site from topics such as concrete, carpentry, decks, steel, roofing and more. Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, there is information on the site so that you can check that your contractor knows what he’s doing.

77. Garden Designer

Garden Designer is a site that provides countless how-to’s for various outdoor projects such as, gardening, outdoor living spaces, and patios. You can search through all the professional garden plans for ideas on how to start your own landscape design ideas or use the example plans to start your own garden.

78. The Landscape Design Site

The Landscape Design site is focused solely on landscaping design ideas and advice, with also a lot of information on gardening. The site provides all types of tips on going green, gardening on a budget, and how to plan, design, and care for your lawn and garden.

79. Garden Rant

Garden Rant is a blog created by four women who have an extreme passion and opinion about gardening. The blog offers all types of postings from humorous gardening gossip, to helpful tips and ideas related to your specific gardening rants and concerns.

80. Cold Climate Gardening

Cold Climate Gardening is a blog focused on providing tips and advice on how to garden in a cold climate. If you are a passionate gardener who enjoys gardening all year long, and want to find out more ideas and ways to garden through the winter, then this site is for you!

81. House Landscaping Ideas

House Landscaping Ideas is a site that provides tips and advice for making your house more attractive and increasing the value of your home. There are also plenty of budgeting tips and other resources to help you with the curb appeal of your home.

82. Unique Landscapes

Unique Landscapes specialize in all aspects of landscaping, pool construction and swimming pool remodeling. The company’s site also provides pool construction and landscaping design advice and tips, especially in their blog section.

83. Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening is originally a magazine; however, the Web site provides all types of information and resources regarding gardening. There is a specific section on “how-to,” which goes more in-depth on all the aspects of gardening and how to improve your very own garden.

84. The Lawn Blog

The Lawn blog provides articles meant to be informative, educational and fun to read. You will also find information on the knowledge and products available pertaining to the landscaping and gardening industry. This blog is definitely the go-to Web site for contractors and homeowners wishing to learn more.

85. Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas is a site focused on providing various types of gardening and landscaping tips and advice. There are a variety of different sections and “how-to” instructions to make or improve the backyard of your dreams!

86. Savvy Landscaping

Savvy Landscaping is a site provides a variety of landscaping tutorials, tips, and tricks to fit all of your landscaping needs. Whether you are looking for do-it-yourself projects or you just want to browse landscaping photos for ideas, this is the site to explore!

87. Backyard Landscape Ideas

Backyard Landscape Ideas is all about providing you with the resources and tips necessary when it comes to landscaping or designing your backyard. You will find a plethora of lawn and gardening tips and advice, even patio and plants articles are featured!

88. Black Forest Landscape Design Studio

Black Forest Landscape Design Studio provides topics about landscape design and installation geared for the do-it-yourself homeowners. On this site you will find helpful tips and advice to plan and design your very own backyard masterpiece!

89. Farmington Gardens

Farmington Gardens is a family owned garden center in the fertile Willamette Valley of Oregon. Farmington Gardens provides a blog where you will find an abundance of articles, resources, and tips regarding lawn and garden.

90. Remodeling This Life

Remodeling This Life is a blog focused on providing useful tips and suggestions when it comes to remodeling or updating your home. The site also touches on organization, de-cluttering, and ways to simplify.

91. Philips Garden Blog

Philips Garden Blog is all about gardening. Philip is an experienced gardener and has created this blog to share all his gardening stories, adventures, advice and tips.

Basement, Storage, and Closets

Maintaining an organized home is challenging enough as it is. It can seem almost impossible if you don’t have organized basement, storage, and closet space. To that end, the web sites and posts below offer great DIY advice for these essential areas of the home.

92. Water Proof

Water Proof is a blog that is focused on providing advice and tips on how to waterproof your basement. On this site you will find multiple do-it-yourself and how-to articles to help you with your basement needs!

93. The DIY Dreamer

The DIY Dreamer blog is all about providing articles and posts for fellow do-it-yourself dreamers. On this blog you will find posts from Christine, the author, or other guest posts sharing crafty ideas for makeovers or unique ways to be creative with what you have to create something that you want!

94. Woven Home

Woven Home is a blog created by two home grown do-it-yourself experts. This blog provides various tips and postings to help you design and makeover just about anything, and most importantly, learn to do-it-yourself!

95. The House of Smiths

The House of Smiths is a collaboration of home DIY and crafting. This blog shares various tips and advice to help you start DIY’ing and making your house a HOME!

96. I Heart Organizing

I Heart Organizing is a blog about clearing the clutter and simplifying your household. The author provides numerous tips and articles to help you organize various living spaces and create storage areas for your home.

97. Classy Clutter

Classy Clutter is a blog that provides DIY tips and makeover ideas. This site has numerous posts revealing just how simple it is to do-it-yourself while keeping it classy!

98. The Space Between

The Space Between is a blog all about redefining your space to make it work for you. The sites takes you through the author’s own house reno-adventures, but also provides various tips and advice on how to conquer each room in your household, one room at a time.

99. How To Finish A Basement

How To Finish A Basement is a site created to help you conveniently get information on how to finish your basement, read reviews and browse suitable merchants. On this site you will find various topics and tips on home basement remodeling and renovation, or more ideas on what you could do with your unfinished basement.

100. My Foundation Repairs

My Foundation Repairs is a blog focused on providing you information regarding your basement. There are helpful posts and articles regarding waterproofing, cracks in the walls, foundation repair, and much more. If you are having foundation or basement issues, then this is the site to explore!


About the author:

“Chase Gentry is a the creator of and has always had a passion for Construction Management. He developed the site 2 years ago when he realized there were simply no reliable sources on the web to find a good Construction Management Degree. Chase lives in Houston Texas with his wife Sarah.”

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