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What should a home buyer know about home inspections? Part two of a series

Gerry Loesch, PE

Gerry Loesch, PE

In part one of this series I gave you some background on Gerry Loesch as well as the beginning of his informative E-View TM. Now we’ll pick up where we left off.

Gerry served as the National President of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) in 1984-1986 and has served as well in various positions of numerous other local and national industry related organizations over the years.

Now we’ll continue with the E-View TM:

Q-I know in Missouri Building Inspectors do not have to be licensed, do you know how many other states do not require inspectors to be licensed?

A-I am not certain, but according to ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) there are 32 states that require, by law, the registration of, or licensing of, home inspectors. Of these, 21 states accept the NHIE Exam (National Home Inspectors Exam) I mentioned previously as part of their qualification process.

Q-Just to be clear, does this mean in Missouri as well as the other 18 states that don’t have licensing or registration that anyone could advertise themselves as a building inspector? In other words I could get some business cards printed and call myself a building inspector?

A-Yes it does. If the state does not have licensing, one could hang a shingle out as a home inspector and some do. However you will find that ASHI is regarded as the leading authority and as such so are the building inspectors that have been accepted into membership with ASHI as well.
Q-Since we are on the topic, what are your thoughts on licensing of Home Inspectors? Should inspectors be licensed by the State?
A-Licensing can be beneficial for the consumer and for the inspectors as well if it is properly done. There has to be a demonstrated need and the legislation needs to be something that is going to actually benefit the public. A good bill, in my opinion, would include: requirements for standards of practice as well as testing and continuing education.  

If you would like to contact Gerry direct, he can be reached via email at gloesch@bpgwi.com , or by phone at (314) 249-8370 (cell) 1-800-285-3001 (office).

Watch for part 3 of the E-View TM which will be posted over the next few days and will include the often asked question, “Why should a home buyer get an inspection?”

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1 comment to What should a home buyer know about home inspections? Part two of a series

  • Gerry seems like a knowledgeable and nice fellow, but I wonder what his views are on the fact that the State of Missouri has no building codes! When he speaks of building inspectors, is he speaking of home inspectors? Typically, the term “building inspector” refers to a municipal inspector, like a code inspector. So, the question goes something like this: if a state has no enforceable building code, how is a home inspector’s opinion of the condition of the dwelling going to carry any weight. Rather than supporting the licensing of inspectors in Missouri, I think that pushing the state to adopt a minimum safety standard by which all builders and renovators could be measured would have gone much further in the quest to have the home inspector recognized as the true professional he or she really is.

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