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St. Louis Mortgage Rate Update; VA Loans Offer Great Terms to Veterans

Members of the armed forces who have generally served for two years in peace time, or 90 days during conflict are eligible for a guaranteed VA home loan. Members of the National Guard or Reserves who have served for six years are eligible. Widows of veterans are eligible if the veteran died in a service-related incident. There are special circumstances for some veterans regarding eligibility. A Certificate of Eligibility and DD214 are required.

A borrower may get into a home with absolutely no money of their own. Closing costs can be paid by the borrower, the seller, or a combination of both. The seller can pay off debts for the veteran – up to 4% of the loan amount. The funding fee is an administrative fee paid to the VA and can be financed into the loan. The funding fee is 2.15% for veterans and 2.4% for reservists who have not used their eligibility, or 3.35%for anyone who has used their eligibility. A down payment of 5% or more reduces the amount of the funding fee. Veterans with service-related disabilities may not have to pay a funding fee. Cash-out refinances (up to 90% LTV) incur the same fees as above. Rate reduction refinance incurs only a 1/2% funding fee.
Two-veteran households qualify for the same amount. Non-married co-borrowers are not permitted. Home purchases with VA loans must be for the borrowers’ primary residence. The VA offers loans to: Purchase a New or Existing Home, Rate Reduction Refinance, and Cash-Out Refinance. Borrowers are evaluated by their credit worthiness and their ability to show stable and sufficient income, to cover the costs of owning a home, cover other obligations and expenses, and have enough left over for family support.

Highlights of the VA Loan Program:

  • No Down Payment
  • 100% Loan Financing
  • No Mortgage Insurance Required
  • 30-Year Fixed Rate or 3-Year Arms
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty

St. Louis MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES for December 15, 2011:

  • Conventional 30-Year Fixed 4.00%/ 4.190% APR
  • Conventional 15-Year Fixed 3.375%/ 3.565% APR
  • Conventional 5/1 ARM 2.500%/ 3.159% APR
  • FHA/VA 30 Year Fixed 3.875%/ 4.085% APR
  • Jumbo 5/1 ARM 2.750%/ 3.011% APR
  • Jumbo 15 yr Fixed 3.625%/ 3.875% APR
  • Jumbo 30 yr Fixed 4.875%/ 5.125% APR

*The above mortgage rates are based upon an 80% LTV, o/o single family with FICO scores of 720.

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