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St. Louis Mortgage Rate Update; What Appraisers Look For When Determining a Home’s Value?

The primary indicator of value for residential real estate is comparable sales. The appraiser researches the market to gather information pertaining to sales, listings, pending sales that are similar to the subject property, and verfies this information is correct. The appraiser actually already has a good idea of the property’s value by the time they have scheduled an appointment to stop by the property. […]

Tips to Avoid Appraisal Problems

You finally reach a deal with a buyer to sell your house, or strike a deal with the seller of your dream home, only to see the deal fall apart later when the house doesn’t appraise for the price that has been agreed upon…what are you to do? This is a plight that has become […]

Making Appraisers the Scapegoat

It seems we always need to find someone to blame for our problems…

When it comes to the meltdown in the housing market that has taken place over the past three years there has been no lack of finger pointing by many inside and outside the industry as to factors that either caused or contributed […]

H.R. 4173; The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and what it means to appraisers

Frank Gregoire

My world was much different in the late 1980’s. Although I was in the real estate business and the real estate appraisal profession for a decade, political activity did not interest me. Here at Gregoire & Gregoire, we had already been using a networked mini-computer for appraisal reporting since 1983, but […]

HVCC, AMC’s and the Appraisal Industry; a view from the inside

Editor’s note – Last month we published an article about HVCC which drew quite a few comments and responses….one such response was from veteran appraiser Paul Collins in which he shares his frustration with the state of the industry and the impact of lenders and legislation on his industry. Our thanks to Paul for allowing […]

Financial Reform Bill Kills HVCC; Helps Appraisers

Dennis Norman

07/17/10-Correction – This past week Congress passed H.R. 4173, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which is the most comprehensive reform to the banking industry since the Great Depression. The bill now awaits President Obamas signature which is expected to happen in the coming week.

This is a very […]

Not All Home Improvements Lead to Higher Value

Dennis Norman

Homeowners looking to upgrade or sell their home this spring should realize that not all remodeling and renovation projects will yield a full return on their investment, the president of the Appraisal Institute said today.

“When it comes to home improvement projects, especially in today’s economy, not every renovation or remodeling effort […]

Appraisal, Loan Modification and Foreclosure Lawsuits Soar

Dennis Norman

A surge in litigation tied to real estate appraisals, loan modifications and foreclosures contributed to a 54 percent increase in mortgage-related lawsuits, according to the second quarter Mortgage Litigation Report from MortgageDaily.com.

During the second quarter, 125 cases were tracked, jumping from an already active 81 first quarter cases. The second quarter […]

Bill in congress to stop HVCC gains momentum

Dennis Norman

By: Dennis Norman

Since going into effect May1st the new Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) has caused controversy, been blamed for killing sales and seems it has everyone up in arms.

In late June I did a post on another blog about a bill, H.R. 3044, that was introduced in […]