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St Louis Real Estate Market 2015 Recap and Outlook for 2016

As 2015 quickly comes to an end, we close out what has been one of the better years for the St Louis real estate market in many years! Homes in St Louis sold at a brisk pace and St Louis home prices showed solid appreciation! We saw a spring market that brought home buyers racing to new listings often competing with other buyers to see who could make the best offer the quickest, often-times with the final sale price equaling or exceeding the asking price followed by a steady market throughout the summer and into the winter months. […]

St Louis Area Home Prices Have Rebounded From Crash And Passed Former Peak

St Louis home prices have made a strong recovery since bottoming out in 2011 as a result of the housing market bubble bursting in 2008. In fact, for the 5-county St Louis area I often focus on (the city of St Louis and counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin) home prices have increased 27 percent to a median price of $168,313 after hitting a post-bubble low of $132,500 in 2011. In fact, as my chart below shows, the median 5-county home price for 2015 has topped the peak price of $160,000 at the height of the market in 2007 by over 5 percent. […]

St Louis Home Sales Up Slightly In August From Year Ago…Big drop from July

There were 2,370 existing homes sold in St Louis during July (in the 5-county core market) an increase of 1.5 percent from August 2014 when there were 2,335 homes sold. August home sales were down 16.9% from the month before as were St Louis home prices which fell from a median of $183,779 in July to $178,500 in August. The St Louis core market consists of the city of St Louis and the counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin. […]

Homes are selling quickly in St Louis…often within the first couple of days!

Reminenscent of the “good ole” days in the real estate biz, homes in St Louis are selling quickly, often within a day or two of hitting the market and frequently at full price or close to it! […]

Are St Louis Home Prices Too Low?

The St Louis real estate market is definitely recovering from the housing bubble burst that sent it into a tail spin about six years ago. With the recovery, home sales have increased, although at a slower pace in 2014 than the year before, and St Louis home prices have increased but, in spite of this, are St Louis home prices too low? […]

The Truth About Real Estate Commission

Last summer I wrote an article addressing the issue as to whether paying a higher rate of commission will help a seller sell his or her home faster. My research for that article, in which I looked at a years worth of home sales in the St Louis area, showed that a higher than normal commission rate in fact did not lead to faster home sales. Now that we are seeing the market heat up I decided to take another look at this topic and this time focus on whether paying a higher real estate commission results in getting a higher price for the seller. […]

St Louis Neighborhoods Where Prices Have Increased The Most In Past Year

Most of the neighborhoods in St Louis have seen home prices increase over the past year, at least to some extent however, some are seeing home prices increase at more significant rates than others. So where are the St Louis neighborhoods that have seen the largest increase in home prices in the past year? Let’s being with how the data is computed. The table below is based upon current median list prices of homes for sale within a zip code. Zip codes that don’t have a sufficient amount of annual home sales to make their statistics accurate and significant have been omitted. […]

Effect Of School Districts On St Louis Home Prices

I think most people know that good schools benefit the housing market and home prices in that district by creating more demand for homes in the district.  This demand contributes to a healthy market and, the ultimate hope of most home owners, appreciating home prices that yield a good return on the investment over time.  Conversely, […]

Where The Real Estate Market Is Headed In 2015

Around this time of year every year, people start asking me “Where is the real estate Market headed next year?” The real estate market is affected by so many factors that predictions on what the market will do are hard, however there are some basic fundamentals that can be looked at to make a good educated guess. One of the industry experts out there that I think does a good job at this and, offers a somewhat less biased look at the market than some, is Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist at Freddie Mac. Below are highlights of his most recent report on the outlook of the housing market along with my comments relating his projection to our St Louis market: […]

St Louis Neighborhoods Where Home Buyers Are King

There are still some St Louis neighborhoods where home buyers have the upper hand even though in many St Louis neighborhoods the seller is clearly in charge. The table below shows St Louis buyer’s markets based upon our Market Action Index that scores a neighborhood based upon supply and demand and then determines whether the […]

Mortgage Interest Rates Hit Lowest Level In Over A Year

Mortgage interest rates fell to an average of 4.13 percent in July on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, marking the lowest mortgage interest rate we have seen in over a year.  The last time mortgage interest rates were this low was back in June of 2013 when the average interest rate on a […]

St Louis Home Sales and Prices Increase From Year Ago

St Louis Home Sales as well as St Louis home prices have increased in the past year 3,179 homes sold in June 2014 in the St Louis core market (St Louis city and the counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin) an increase of 3 percent from June 2013 when there […]

St Louis Lofts Making Comeback

St Louis Lofts are making a comeback both in popularity and price, according to the latest data available from Mid America Regional Information Systems (MARIS), the St Louis REALTOR® MLS. As the charts below show, loft sales in St Louis peaked in 2006 (when all real estate peaked) with sales of lofts hitting 218 for […]

St Louis’ Hottest Housing Markets

St Louis’ Hottest Housing Markets are pretty well concentrated into an area within 3 zip codes and 3 municipalities, with the exception of Valley Park which is actually number on the list in terms of our Market Action Index.  As the Hot Markets table below shows, after Valley Park, the next 4 markets are both […]

Where in St Louis can home buyers find a good deal?

Everyone loves a deal! When it comes to buying a house, over the past few years there have been many “deals” out there as a result of the housing market meltdown. However, now that the worst of it is over, and many markets have already started recovering, the question for many are “where in St […]

Where Are St Louis’ Fastest-Selling Neighborhoods?

St Louis’ fastest-selling neighborhoods today can be found throughout the St Louis area, however, as the list of the 15 fastest selling neighborhoods below shows, the lions share are found within St Louis County. Ten of the neighborhoods are within St Louis County and then primarily mid-county and west county, then 3 can […]

Is Buying a Home a Good Investment?

When asked “Is Buying a Home a Good Investment” about half (49%) of the Americans surveyed in a recent Rasmussen Reports survey said yes that a home would be a good investment for their family. Before you “glass is half empty” people say that means then the other half don’t agree, that is not accurate […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Outlook 2014

What is the St Louis real estate market outlook for 2014?  Where are home prices and sales headed? Are we out of the slump and on the path to recovery in the St Louis housing market?  What about St Louis new home construction activity and St Louis new home sales? 

I had the pleasure this morning […]

St Louis Housing Market Recovery Underway

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 5 years since the housing market bubble burst but, as we begin this new year, it is good to continue to see market data that supports a St Louis housing market recovery is underway!

As we have been reporting here on St Louis Real Estate News, […]

St Louis Home Sales Increase In Past Year; Buck National Trend

St Louis homes sales (the 5-county core market*) for the 12 month period ending November 30, 2013 increased 4 percent from the same period a year ago, in contrast to national home sales which are down 1.2 percent from a year ago. As the table below shows, St Louis distressed home sales (foreclosures, bank-owned and […]

St Louis Neighborhoods Where Homes Are Selling Fast

All 10 of the St Louis neighborhoods where homes are selling the quickest are found in St. Louis County, according to the latest data available from MORE, REALTORS. As the table below shows, the 63040 zip in Grover has the lowest median time homes for sale have been on the market at just 35 days.


St Louis Most Expensive Homes For Sale

St Louis is a pretty modest place as a whole and is very affordable when it comes to housing costs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find a multi-million dollar estate if you are in the market for one.

The proof is in the slideshow below…the most expensive homes currently […]

The 12 Fastest Selling St. Louis Neighborhoods

Eleven of the 12 fastest selling St. Louis neighborhoods are found in St. Louis County with the lone exception, which also happens to be #1 on the list, found in the city of St. Louis, according to the latest data available from MORE, REALTORS.

The fastest selling neighborhoods list is ranked based upon the median […]

St Louis Foreclosures Decline Over 36 Percent From Year Ago

The number of St Louis homeowners with a foreclosure filing in July was 1,183 homeowners, a decline of 1.09 percent from June and a whopping decline of 36.4 percent from a year ago when 1,860 properties had a foreclosure filing, according to a report just released this morning by RealtyTrac. This works out to […]

The Typical St Louis House

The typical St Louis house is owner occupied (64.4 %), has 2+ bathrooms (62%) a garage or car port (84%) and a porch, deck, balcony or patio (96%), according to data just released by the U.S. Census bureau. According to the 2011 American Housing Survey, 68.5 percent of St Louis homeowners have a mortgage equal […]

St Louis Housing Markets On The Rebound

There are St Louis Housing markets on the rebound with prices and demand on the rise and inventories down. For the 9 areas of St Louis where the real estate market is on the rebound listed below, I have charts showing what home prices have done over the past 3 years (the red line) as […]

Ten Fastest Selling Areas In St Louis

The fastest selling areas in St. Louis in April included 7 areas in St Louis County, 2 areas in St Charles County and 1 in the City of St. Louis, according to the latest data from MORE, REALTORS. At the top of the list of the ten fastest selling areas in St Louis is the […]

St Louis Is 4th Best Place In The U.S. For Investors To Buy Property

St. Louis is the 4th best place in the U.S. for investors to buy property, based upon a recent report by Radar Logic. In compiling the list of cities, Radar Logic examined where institutional investors (i.e., corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and trusts) were buying property and how big of discounts they were receiving […]

Real Estate Terms Defined

Making Sense of Confusing Real Estate Terms

If you are buying, selling or refinancing a home you will come across real estate terms and industry lingo that may sound foreign to you. To help address this issue, below you will find definitions for the most common real estate terms that you are likely to come […]

How to avoid being the victim of a loan modification scam

homeowners should be aware that no one other than your present lender can guarantee any form of mortgage relief. Below are six (6) warning signs to look for that may indicate you are dealing with a loan modification scammer: […]