Home Builders Losing Confidence In The Housing Market

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in conjunction with Wells Fargo publishes their House Market Index (HMI) monthly which reveals the sentiment of home builders about the market.  In the report released yesterday, the HMI fell 8 points to 69, marking the fifth month in a row that builder sentiment as declined and becoming the lowest level for builder sentiment since June 2020.

It may not be all that bad though…

As it true with most data, it’s all relative. With this in mind, this may be the 5th straight month that builder sentiment has fallen however, as the chart below illustrates at a level of 69 builder sentiment is still at a level that is historically high.  Since the inception of the HMI in January of 1985 the median value of the index is 56 so at 69 we’re still well above the overall median.  In the last 10 years, the median of the HMI Index has been 63 so the current level is also above that.

NAHB House Market Index (HMI)

NAHB House Market Index (HMI)


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