Home Ownership By People Over 65 Years Old On The Rise

Home ownership rates have been on the decline and, in fact, reached a 19 year low the first quarto of this year when the home ownership rate in the U.S. fell to  64.8%.  However, for people 65 years and older, the rate of home ownership has been on the rise.  As the chart below shows, while the rate of home ownership declined for the U.S. overall, the rate for those persons aged 65 and over has continued to rise.  

Home Ownership Rate for 65 plus year olds Chart

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Where are all those 65 plus year olds?

I’m sure it won’t come as a shock that Florida is the state with the highest percent of their population aged 65 or older,  however I was surprised to see, as the table below shows, Missouri was 16th on the list.
Population of people aged 65 or more by State-based upon percentage of population


When looking at the total number of people that are aged 65 or older, California has the largest number of people, followed by, yep, you guessed it, Florida!   Missouri, with 838,294 people that are aged 65 or older, came in at  number 17 on the list.

Population of people aged 65 or more by State based upon total number


The top two counties in the U.S. for the highest percentage of their population being aged 65 or older are in Florida but, as the table below shows, Missouri did make this list too with Hickory County coming in at number 15 on the list with 29.6 percent of Hickory County’s population being 65 or older.
Population of people aged 65 or more by County based upon percentage of population


In terms of total number of people over 65 in a county, Los Angeles County California came in number 1 on the list with over a million people, followed by Cook County Illinois (Chicago) with over 600,000.  St Louis County came in at number 33 on the list with just under 150,000 people aged 65 or older.

Population of people aged 65 or more by county based upon total number

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