St Louis Home Sales Continue In Spite of COVID-19 Albeit at a lower level

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to keep many of us confined to our homes unless we need to go out for an essential service which, fortunately, the department of Homeland Security includes real estate in the definition, it is, of course, taking its toll on the St Louis real estate market.  As would be expected during a time like this, would-be homebuyers who have had their jobs or businesses impacted as a result of COVID-19 have pulled out of the market for now as have some folks who were considering a move purely for convenience or some other reason they feel will wait.

However, having said that, there still appear to be many serious homebuyers in the current market that want or need, to buy now.  This is evidenced by the most recent data I pulled below which shows new contracts on listings for the most recent 7 day period that have had contracts reported to the MLS.  So, to be clear, the “sales” I counted are residential listings that actually went under contract during the period,

As the table below shows, there were 994 new contracts on residential listings in the St Louis MSA during the past 7 days, a decline of 32% from the same time period a year ago.  There were 715 new contracts on residential listings in the St Louis 5-County Core market during the same period, a decline of 35% from the same period a year ago.

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St Louis New Contracts On Residential Listings For The 7 Day Period of 3/26 – 4/02

St Louis New Contracts On Residential Listings For The 7 Day Period of 3/26 - 4/02

COVID-19 has led to different methods of selling homes…

Today, real estate companies, like other businesses are trying to do business virtually and incorporating technology into their business more than ever before.  While some were already doing this, at least to some extent, it’s something that is new for many traditional “brick and mortar” type businesses.  (WARNING- SHAMELESS PLUG COMING) Doing business virtually isn’t anything new to our firm, MORE, REALTORS, or our agents as we have incorporated this into our business model for well over a decade.   It has caused us to switch into high gear to complete enhancements to our DOHR™ (Digital Open House Registration, U.S. Patent Pending) which include a totally virtual open house experience, a virtual showing experience as well as a hosted virtual tour experience. These are all things that will allow us to serve our seller clients by exposing their homes to the market, showing them to potential buyers while also protecting them and their families from exposure to the COVID-19 threat.

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