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St Louis County Has Highest Natural Hazard Risk For Housing In The Area

ATTOM Data Solutions just released their 2016 Natural Hazard Housing Risk Report, in which they score counties across the nation on risks posed to housing from natural hazards.   As the heat map below illustrates, St Louis County has the highest natural hazard ranking in the St Louis area at 59.8, followed by the City of St Louis at 55.3.  Granted, the scale goes all the way to 360, so, in the scheme of things, I guess these scores don’t sound so bad.

The biggest threats…

Not surprising, the biggest threats to St Louis, in terms of natural hazards, come from tornado and hail damage with the threat of both at “very high” for both St Louis County and St Louis City.  With all the recent flooding we have seen, I’m a little surprised that for both of those counties, flood risk is shown as “low”.   Oh yeah, to put your mind at ease, St Louis is ranked as “very low” for risk of hurricane storm surge or wildfires.
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