Happy Independence Day!

Declaration of Independence Today, the Fourth of July is the day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence which took place 242 years ago on July 4, 1776.  With the signing of this Declaration, the 13 colonies, or united States, declared their independence from Great Britain and thus, the United States was born!

While I don’t recall the specific number of times I have read this document, I can say with reasonable certainty that I doubt the number would take more than one hand to count.  It’s pretty amazing that such an important document while referred to often, and celebrated annually, is read so little.  Or, perhaps, I’m in the minority and others read it more often than I.

In any event, in celebration of “the 4th of July” or, more accurately, “Independence Day”, I just read the complete context of the Declaration of Independence and have shared it below for all that are interested to read.  When you take the time to read it, think about what was happening at the time, the number of people that risked their lives, and gave their lives to create this, then later defend it, and then digest it all, it’s a pretty amazing document.

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