Missouri Releases Complaint Report For Missouri Insurance Companies

The Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI) is the state agency that investigates complaints against insurance companies made by consumers in Missouri.  Annually, the DCI releases its complaint report reporting on the complaints made in the preceding year by company, type of insurance, etc.  In compiling the report the DCI assigns a “complaint index” to each company, based upon the number of complaints the department received for a consecutive three-year period relative to the amount of product-specific premium a Missouri licensed company experienced that same period.  An index number of 100 means that the department received the normally expected number of complaints about that company, an index number less than 100 indicates the company was the subject of less than the normally expected number of complaints and an index that is greater than 100 shows the department received more than the normally expected number of complaints about that company.

Below, I have compiled a list of the top 20 providers of homeowners insurance in Missouri (based upon market share) ranked by their complaint index with the companies with the worst complaint index first.  The companies list with a red background have a complaint index above 100 and the ones in green have a complaint index below 100.  As the table shows, Auto Club Family Insurance Company as the worst complaint index on the list at 166, followed by Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company (145), Auto Owners (131), Travelers (121) and State Farm (117) rounds out the top 5 with the worst complaint indexes.

To obtain the complete report showing all companies as well as complaint indexes for all lines of business click here or on the table below.

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How To Avoid Problems With Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is something that most homeowners have, but many don’t necessarily understand all the nuances of their policy or, in the case of policies that may have been originally purchased years ago, not know that they don’t have sufficient coverage today. If there are problems with the policy, or with the company the policy is issued by, the problem often rears it’s ugly head after a loss is suffered and the homeowner goes through the claim process.

So, how do you avoid a bad homeowners insurance scenario?

The same as you avoid most trouble, do your homework first, get an understanding of the policy you are buying as well as investigate the reputation of the company behind the policy.  While price is certainly a factor, when it comes to something as important as the insurance on your home, you don’t want to be penny-wise and dollar foolish.

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Check out the great resources from the Department of Insurance below the Consumer Complaint Index Table below or by clicking here.

Where to find good resources to learn more about homeowners insurance and avoid problems:  

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