Information On Over 1,000 St Louis Open Houses For Today

St Louis Open HousesIt’s a beautiful spring Sunday morning in St Louis and many people will spend part of the afternoon touring open houses…some looking for their next home, some to see what homes in their neighborhood are selling for and some simply to kill time, satisfy curiosity or get some decorating ideas.  Whatever your reason for seeking out St Louis open houses, the best source to find information on all the homes that are scheduled to have open houses today (with information from a database that is updated direct from the MLS!) is  On this site, you can search open houses in a variety of ways:

As of the time I wrote this article, there are 1,188 St Louis Open Houses scheduled for today and showing on

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What type of home buyers visit an open house?

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It’s Sunday and that means that many potential home buyers will spend time this afternoon visiting an open house, as will nosey neighbors, people looking for decorating ideas and people with time on their hands looking for something to do.  So, what type of home buyers visit an open house?  Below are the results of a survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS addressing this question:
The “typical” home buyer that visits an open house is: Continue reading “What type of home buyers visit an open house?