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Are St Louis Home Prices Really Increasing Or Are There Just Fewer Distressed Sales?

A report released today by Radarlogic suggests that the housing market is not really recovering as much as it may appear, particularly with regard to home prices. The report says that, the 9.2 percent increase they saw in their home price index for the 12 month period ended November 30, 2012 was the result of a “significant shift in the composition of home sales and overstates the appreciation in individual properties.” The report goes on to say if motivated sales (REO’s, foreclosures, short-sales) are removed from the data, then the “real” increase in home prices was just over half of what their index showed. […]

Report shows increase in home prices not real but just fewer distressed sales

A report was just published by RadarLogic which said that, even though home prices in the 25 cities covered by their RPX composite index appeared to have increased in the past year, that this was the result of a large decline in the number of distressed sales at bargain prices and not an increase in home prices. […]

Report shows strong real estate market in February;   says it probably won’t last

The latest housing market report by RadarLogic showed home prices in the 25 major metropolitan areas it tracks increased 1.9 percent in February from the month before (in contrast to the Case Shiller home price index which showed home prices fell a little under 1 percent from the month before) however was 3.18 percent lower than a year ago. […]

Is the housing market seeing the beginning of a "soft landing"?

“We may indeed being seeing the beginning of at least a ‘soft landing’ in housing,” said Michael Feder, President and CEO of Radar Logic. The latest housing market report by RadarLogic contained said, while trends in home prices remain negative in most major U.S. metropolitan areas, there are indications that market conditions are starting to improve. […]

Housing market has performed pretty well during past decade relative to other investments

Despite massive loss of value over the last few years, the U.S. housing market has outperformed the stock market since 2000. A report released recently by RadarLogic showed that, over the past decade, the housing market, in spite of all of it’s recent troubles, has still performed better in terms of an investment than other typical investments such as the stock market. […]

The ‘Futures’ of Housing…

Radar Logic, a company that tracks home prices and publishes a daily market price per foot for homes as well as a source I often tap for housing market data, announced that, in cooperation with CBOE Futures Exchanges, they are introducing housing futures in the form of tradable contracts. These contracts will be based upon “RPX”, Radar Logic’s real estate price metric. […]

Increased foreclosure activity and potential REO inventory growth point to trouble for real estate market

Signs point to trouble ahead for the housing market as recent growth in foreclosure filings suggest REO Inventories may balloon in coming months according to the Radar Logic July 2011 Monthly Housing Market Report. On the heels of a couple of upbeat articles I’ve been able to write about the market, I get hit […]

2011 Real Estate Market Performing about as Poorly as Predicted Thus Far

Radarlogic, real estate data and analytics company that frequently disagrees with the National Association of REALTORS® view of the housing market, released their RPX Monthly Housing Market Report for May 2011 yesterday and in it had a scorecard showing how their rather bleak predictions they made at the end of 2010 for the 2011 […]

Report says recent good news on housing market is misleading; recovery is a long way off

Following last week’s somewhat encouraging Pending Home Sales report from the National Association of REALTORS which showed increased home sales activity, Radar Logic issued a much less encouraging report. Their report, titled “Don’t be Misled by Gains in Home Price Indices and Pending Homes Sales; Housing Recovery is Still a Long Way Off” pretty […]

February home price index hits eight year low; St Louis is sixth best of the 25 metros

RPX Composite Home Price Fell to Lowest Level since March 2003 – St. Louis ranks 6th of 25 metros on one year rate of change of home prices.

Radar Logic published it’s Housing Market Report for February showing that it’s “RPX Composite Price”, for the 25 metro areas covered by the index, including […]

January home price index reaches new low

RPX Composite Home Price Fell to Lowest Level since April 2003

Radar Logic published it’s Housing Market Report for January showing that it’s “RPX Composite Price” fell 3.8 percent from December and 3.4 percent from the year before.


Motivated home sales make up over 30 percent of market at discounts of 40 percent

Radar Logic published it’s “RPX Year in Review 2010” for the U.S. real housing market which illustrates the significant negative impact distressed sales have on home prices and the real estate market as a whole. The report reveals that “motivated sales” (sales that include REO’s, sales by financial institutions, short-sales, etc) made up less than […]

Dueling Economists: Home Prices Up or Down?

Dennis Norman

Naturally, no sooner than I finish writing my post this morning about the Case-Shiller report on home prices in which I actually got to report somewhat “positive” news, my bubble is burst. RadarLogic, another company that has their own home price index that I like, came out with a report saying […]

Home Prices Are Not Recovering

Dennis Norman

Home sales activity was up in May, but the mix of sales shifted toward less-expensive properties in many cities throughout the U.S. according to the May 2010 Radarlogic Housing Market Report. In addition, the report states that while their home price composite index for the 25 metro areas covered did increase […]

Real Estate Market Favoring Lower Priced Home Sales Since 2006

Dennis Norman

A report just issued by Radarlogic shows that, since 2006, lower-priced homes have been selling better than higher-priced ones. Given the current economy this is not all that surprising but it is a dramatic change from what the norm was during the “housing boom”.

Highlights from the report include:

During the […]

Record Foreclosure Rate Could Hurt Demand For Homes and Slow Recovery

Dennis Norman

In a report just issued by Radarlogic there is some good news for the housing industry as in the report Michael Feder, President and CEO of Radar Logic, states “the evidence continues to support the view that housing has stabilized and is in the early stages of recovery.” However, the report […]

St Louis Real Estate – Report Shows Market Stalled out In December

Dennis Norman

Radarlogic Housing Market Report Shows First November-December Increase in Home Prices Since 2004 For the US – However It shows a Decrease For December for St. Louis –

When I received the Housing Market Report from Radarlogic, I was happy to see some good news; home prices increased in December from November […]

House Prices in St Louis Increase in June; St Louis ranks 5th in 2-year house price change

Dennis Norman

According to the Housing Market Report that was issued this morning by Radarlogic, home prices increased in June from the previous month in 23 out of the 25 metropolitan areas tracked by their company. St. Louis was among the 23 metros that showed an increase in home prices in June over […]