St Charles County Median Price Of Homes Sold Spikes in February

As the chart below shows, the median price of homes sold in St Charles County jumped to $275,000 last month approaching the record-high price of $279,000 set this past August.  This is the second consecutive month the median price has increased and is contrary to the norm.  Last year home prices fell to a low of $235,000 in February.

Though home prices didn’t follow the typical pattern and fall during the winter in St Charles County, home sales did.  Home sales last month followed that pattern falling to 333 homes sold, similar to last year’s February sales of 320 homes.

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St Charles County Home Prices and Sales

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St Charles County Home Prices and Sales




St Charles County Home Sales Trend On The Rise After Hitting Bottom in September

The home sales trend in St Charles County peaked in April 2017 with 6,118 homes sold in the 12-month period ended April 30, 2017.  Since then, the home sales trend fell to closer to the 6,000 home mark until hitting a near peak again in August 2018 with 6,111 homes sold in the 12 month period ending that month.  After that, the home sales trend in St Charles County has fairly consistently trended downward until hitting bottom in September with 5,759 homes sold in the 12-month period ended September 30, 2019, nearly a 6% fall in home sales from the recent peak. This marked the lowest home sales trend for St Charles County since April 2016.

The St Charles County home sales trend has reversed course…

The good news is, for the past two months, home sales in St Charles County, as the chart below illustrates,  have trended upward hitting 5,809 homes sold in the 12-month period ended November 30, 2019,  a 1.2% increase in the trend from August 2019.

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St Charles County Home Sales Trend – Past 3 Years

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St Charles County Home Sales Trend - Past 3 Years

St Charles County Home Sales Trend Drops To 2015 Level

Yesterday, I shared information showing the home sales trend for the 5-county core St Louis housing market declined 3% but today am going to drill down a little further into the data.  I wanted to look at the home sales trend in the 5 individual counties that make up the core market to see which are performing better or worse than the others.

All 5 counties had a decline in their home sales trend in August that was similar to the 5-County Core market, however, the extent of the change varied somewhat.  St Charles County’s home sales trend, as our chart below shows, with 5,612 homes sold in the 12-month period ended August 31st,  fell back to a level not seen since November 2015 when there were 5,545 homes sold in the prior 12-month period.

St Charles County – Home Sales Trend – Past 5 Years

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The St Charles County Zip Code With The Hottest Real Estate Market

Which Zip Code in St Charles County is home to the hottest real estate market today? Well, it depends…

  • 63376 based upon the zip code where homes are selling the fastest
  • 63376 based upon where the inventory of homes for sale is the lowest
  • 63367 based upon trending home sales
  • 63341 based upon home price increases over the past year

I could go on, but the point I wanted to illustrate here is that there is no one piece of data, or one list or chart that is going to accurately depict what the “best” market is, or even the condition of the real estate market.  To accurately determine what a particular local real estate market is like one really must examine the health of the market looking at many different factors.  Additionally, what is a “good” market to one person, may not be good for another, so it is also important to understand the wants and needs of the person asking the question.

It is for the aforementioned reasons, as well as others I won’t elaborate on here, why, even though I love technology, automation and “platforms” (today’s buzz word in the tech world), I think real estate agents continue to be an absolutely necessary part of the home buying and selling process today and will remain so for many years to come. A qualified, professional agent will gather and analyze data such as I’ve presented here, then apply it to their clients’ situation and then determine the best price, course of action, etc.

The other point I hoped to make here was to encourage home buyers, sellers and investors not to put too much weight on one piece of data being reported in the media, but instead seek out a professional that can provide you with a comprehensive view of the market.

But, I digress, so back to the question, what is the hottest market in St Charles County today?

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St Charles County vs St Louis County Home Price Appreciation

Since the announcement of the Better Together plans to merge the County and City of St Louis together into one big “Metro City”, there has been a lot of talk about the impact this would have on the St Louis real estate market. I’ve had several conversations with people in the real estate industry that feel St Charles County, as well as some of the other surrounding counties, will benefit if the Better Together plan succeeds.  Their optimism is based upon the belief that, given what appears to be a tremendous groundswell of opposition to the plan from residents of both St Louis City and St Louis County, that, if it passes, many will flee the new Metro City.

Obviously, only time will tell as to whether the Better Together Plan will even get the required number of signatures on the petition, if so, then whether the voters pass it.  It is only then, in the subsequent months and years afterward that we will really be able to see just what impact, favorably or negatively, it has on the St Louis real estate market.  For now, however, it seemed a good time to take a look at the St Charles County and St Louis County real estate markets and compare them.

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St Louis Home Sales Remain Steady But Trending Downward

In the last week, I’ve seen several reports indicating declining home sales on both a nationwide basis as well as for the St Louis market.  The reports vary widely but one local report indicated single family home sales were down 6 percent from a year ago, which, of course, should cause some concern for both agents as well as consumers since a 6 percent decline is significant.  However, this is why, for this very reason, MORE, REALTORS® developed their own proprietary software to analyze and report the market data (the same MLS data as the aforementioned report was based upon) and present it in a manner that more accurately depicts the market conditions and is more applicable than many of the other reports out there.

Before I go further, I’m not picking on anyone reporting market information, as most are simply reporting the data that is available to them and doing so in a common manner which is to look at data for one specific month (in this case November) and compare it to the same month a year ago.  I’m just suggesting that due to fluctuations that can be caused by, for example, weather during the month, the number of Friday’s during the month (a popular day for closings), etc. looking at a single month doesn’t paint a true picture of the market.  It also matters what area the data is for, is it the St Louis MSA (which includes 8 counties in Illninois) or the city of St Louis, or some other combination?

As you will see from our STL Market Report™ tables I’ve prepared below, the St Louis real estate market is actually holding fairly steady in terms of sales when we look at the past 12-month period and compare it with the prior 12-month period.  In terms of home prices, St Louis home prices have increased about 4% – 5% in the St Louis area, depending on how we look at the area.

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