Zombie Foreclosures In St Louis

Zombie Foreclosures, while fewer, are still quite prevalent in the St Louis area.  So, what is a zombie foreclosure?  Good question.  It’s yet another term that has come out of the real estate bubble burst of 2008 and refers to homes that are in the foreclosure process and the owner has vacated the home prior to actually losing it as the foreclosure is not complete.  These properties often become an eyesore and burden on the neighbors, and the city they are in, as they are sort of in “no man’s land” as the owner has left the property and typically does not continue to maintain it as they are losing it however, it is not yet foreclosed upon so the lender does not own it yet (and if it sells at the foreclosure to a third party won’t own it) therefore they normally do not maintain it.  Therefore, until the foreclosure is actually final, the property often sits and deteriorates without attention.

Where in St Louis can you find Zombies?

As the table below shows, zombie foreclosures are concentrated, to a large extent, in the North St Louis County area with 5 of the top ten zombie locations being in North County.  The 63136 zip, which encompasses all of Jennings as well as some areas around Jennings including part of north St Louis, is at the top of the list with 16 “zombies“, following by the 63031 zip area of Florissant with 13, and then the 63135 zip area, which is predominately Ferguson, with 11.

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