Luxury Living In St Louis: The Top 10 Cities with Highest Home Prices

The real estate market in St. Louis is notably diverse, featuring homes that are, on average, quite affordable. However, this affordability doesn’t preclude the existence of luxury markets within the city. Presented below is an exclusive list from MORE, REALTORS® detailing the top 10 cities in the St. Louis MSA where homes command the highest average selling prices.

Key takeaways from this list include:

  • Huntleigh dominates with the highest average sale price of $2,097,249 and impressively quick transactions, with homes spending an average of just 20 days on the market. It’s important to note that these figures are based on a limited sample of only four home sales.
  • Frontenac and Town and Country are not far behind, boasting substantial average prices of $1,436,364 and $1,389,021, respectively. The volume of sales in these areas—46 and 68 homes sold—points to a healthy and active market.
  • Clayton and Ladue marry luxury with lively market activity, seeing 103 and 148 homes sold at steep average prices of $1,372,398 and $1,330,002, respectively.

Additional cities such as Westwood, Josephville, Town and Country, and Clarkson Valley also feature on the list, each contributing unique market traits but collectively underscoring the strong demand for high-end residential properties in the area.

St Louis MSA’s Most Expensive Cities-Avg Price-Homes Sold In Past Year

(click on list for current, complete list)

St Louis MSA's Most Expensive Cities-Avg Price-Homes Sold In Past Year


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