Ten Fastest SOLD Cities In The St Louis MSA

Homes in Crestwood sold faster in the past 30 days than in any other city in the St Louis MSA, according to the latest data available from MORE, REALTORS®.  Homes that closed in the past 30 days in Crestwood were on the market an average of just 21 days.

As the list below shows, 7 of the 10 fastest-sold cities in the St Louis MSA were in St Louis County, 2 in St Charles County and 1 in Jefferson County.

Fastest SOLD Cities In The St Louis MSA In Past 30 Days

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Fastest SOLD Cities In The St Louis MSA In Past 30 Days

Fastest Selling Cities in St Louis

It’s no secret that home sales slow down this time of year in St Louis however, there are still plenty of cities in St Louis where homes are selling quickly!  As the table below shows, Rock Hill is at the top of our Fastest Selling Cities list with the current supply of homes for sale being on the market for an average of just 29 days.  Of the 10 cities on our list, all but one are in St Louis County and, of the 9 in St Louis County, 5 are in North County.

St Louis’ Fastest Selling Cities

(click on the table to see the complete table with current data)St Louis' Fastest Selling Cities

What is the housing market like in St Louis’ Fastest Selling City – Rock Hill?

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Fastest Selling Cities And Zip Codes In St Louis

Three of the five St Louis area cities where homes are selling the fastest are in north St Louis County.  As the table below shows, which ranks St Louis area cities by the average days current listings of homes for sale have been on the market, which is a good measure of how fast homes are selling, the city of Crestwood, with an average of 29 days on the market, is number 1 on the list.  In 2nd, 3rd and 5th place respectively are the north St Louis county cities of Moline Acres, Dellwood and Black Jack.

Crestwood area zip of 63126 fastest selling zip code..

As the second table below shows, the fastest selling zip code in the St Louis area, 63126, is also in the Crestwood area, putting Crestwood at the top of both “fastest selling” lists.  When ranking by zip code, north county zips didn’t show up on the top five list.

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