St Louis Has 5 Municipalities Where Average Sold Home Is Over $1 Million

One of the benefits to living in St Louis we often hear about is how affordable it is compared with many other metro areas around the country.  Granted, one of the things that contribute to the “affordability” is the price of homes but that doesn’t mean we don’t have areas with pricey real estate here.  The list below is part of the list showing what the average price homes sold for in every municipality in the St Louis MSA during the past 12 months and reveals the five municipalities where the average home price exceeded $1 Million.

Leading the list is the relatively small, but expensive, Country Life Acres where homes in the past 12 months sold for an average of $1,621.564.

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St Louis 5-County CORE Market’s Most Expensive Municipalities

(click on list to see entire current list)

St Louis 5-County CORE Market's Most Expensive Municipalities


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