The Most Expensive Homes In St Louis

St Louis may be the 8th most affordable metro area in the country to buy a home, but it also has areas where home prices are much higher as well.  The median price of homes sold in the St Louis metro area during the past 12-months is $184,500 however the average price of homes sold within the past 12-months has exceeded this in 85 of the 205 municipalities within the St Louis MSA.

Below is our list of the 30 cities with the highest average price of homes sold during the past 12 months.  St Louis County has the majority of the most expensive cities at 22 (although, in all fairness, St Louis County is also chopped up into a ridiculous number municipalities) followed by 7 in St Charles County and 1 in Warren County.

 St Louis MSA’s Most Expensive Cities

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St Louis Cities Where Homes Sold For The Highest Price In Past Year

The list of the 10 St Louis cities where homes sold for the highest average price last year shown below reveals that the little city of Huntleigh, consisting of a land mass of just 1 square mile but home to some of the wealthiest people in St Louis, is where homes sold for the highest average price during 2018.  Granted, there were only two homes sold in Huntleigh during the past year (which were in the MLS) but with prices of $2.785 Million and $9.8 Million (for an average of $6,292,500) it catapulted Huntleigh to the top of the list of the most expensive average home sales price for St Louis.  Coming in a distant second to Huntleigh is Ladue where the average sales price was $1.104 Million.

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The Most Expensive Homes For Sale In St Louis

One of the great things about living in St Louis is it is a very affordable place to live, including when it comes to home ownership.  Home affordability in St Louis is certainly much better than the coasts but also beats many, if not most, metro areas.  Having said that, we do have our share of expensive homes though.  For example, there are currently 322 $1,000,000+ homes and condos listed for sale in the St Louis 5-county core market (City of St Louis and Counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin).   The most expensive St Louis home listed for sale, at the time I wrote this article, is a home in Huntleigh listed for $7,695,000.

42 Huntleigh Woods, Huntleigh, MO 63131

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See the complete list by clicking here.

Of the 322 $1 million+ homes listed, nearly 82% of them are in St Louis County.  Below is a breakdown of the listings by county:

  • St Louis County  – 263
  • St Charles County – 25
  • City of St Louis – 10
  • Jefferson County – 9
  • Franklin County – 15

See the list of the 30 cities in the St Louis 5-County Core market with the highest average home prices here.


St Louis’s Most Expensive Homes

St Louis’s most expensive homes currently for sale:St Louis' Most Expensive Homes For Sale

St Louis’s most expensive homes sold during past 3 years:
St Louis's most expensive homes sold during past 3 years: