Pending Home Sales Up Five Percent From This Time Last Year

Pending home sales, the measure of homes with contracts on them but not yet closed, is up five percent on a year to date basis through April of this year compared with the same time last year, for the five-county St Louis core market (St Louis City and the Counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin).  Through the end of April, there have been 7,434 pending home sales, up from 7,080 at the same time last year but still down from 7,984 at this time in 2013. The chart below shows the past five years and, beneath that, are charts for the individual counties comparing YTD activity for this year to the prior year as well.

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Pending Home Sales YTD - St Louis Missouri

5-County Core St Louis Market

St Louis County -0.1%

St Louis County Pending Home Sales

St Louis County

St Louis City +8.7%

St Louis City Pending Home Sales

St Louis City

St Charles County +13.4%

St Charles County Pending Home Sales

St Charles County

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Pending Home Sales

Jefferson County

Franklin County -0.7%

Franklin County Pending Home Sales

Franklin County

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