St Louis County Tied For Top Missouri County For Affordable Homes And Good Elementary Schools

St Louis County has 6 Elementary Schools that have tested at least 50% higher on standardized tests than the average for the state of Missouri and are located in neighborhoods where home prices are affordable, according to a report just released by RealtyTrac.  According to the report, these 6 good elementary schools are surrounded by homes that with house payments that will take less than 30% of the families monthly wages to buy, making them very affordable.  In fact, for McKelvey Elementary, in Maryland Heights, the average family will need to spend less than 18% on a house payment to live near by.

The table below shows good schools in affordable neighborhoods throughout the state.  As you can see, Jackson County (Kansas City) tied St Louis county with 6 good elementary schools in affordable neighborhoods and St Charles County came in third with 4.

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