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How Much More Do Home Prices Increase In Better Neighborhoods Than The Rest?

Yesterday, I did a post on the 10 St Louis neighborhoods that made it in the Niche list of “100 Best Places to Live In America”. This prompted a question as to how much better price appreciation have home owners seen in these neighborhoods as a result of the features they have that make them the “best places to live” verses the normal appreciation for the area? Since it just so happens that all ten of the neighborhoods that made the list are in St Louis county, I decided to pull a chart to compare the median price per foot (the most accurate way to compare home prices) of homes sold in the top ten neighborhoods versus St Louis County as a whole. As the chart below illustrates, here is what I found when I looked at home prices from January 1, 2012 (around the bottom of the market after the housing bubble burst in 2008) through the end of 2016: […]

Ten of The Niche “100 Best Places In America To Live” Are In St Louis

Niche, a website that gives rankings and profiles of schools and neighborhoods throughout the U.S., recently released it’s list of the 100 best places to live in America, 10 of which, were in the St Louis area! Coming in at 18 on the list, and the best-ranked St Louis area, was Clayton followed by Creve Coeur at number 20. The complete list of the St Louis neighborhoods that made the list of best places to live, along with their ranking on the list by Niche is below. […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – April 2017

The supply of homes for sale continues to be a major impediment to the St Louis real estate market! This month, as the video below shows, every county in the St Louis core market area has seen the inventory of homes for sale (in terms of months of supply) decline from last month and last month was already low! In spite of the low, low inventory, home prices have remained reasonable and, in fact, we are seeing a little bit of a downward trend price-wise in some areas. With these things in mind, along with the fact that interest rates are sure to go up, there’s no better time to buy or sell than now! […]

St Louis Real Estate Agents Be On Lookout For Phishing Scams Disguised As Fake Lead

Real estate agents should be on the lookout for a phishing scam disguised as a real estate lead from A phishing scam involves sending emails that look to be from a real, reputable company, but are not, in order to get the recipient to reveal personal information , such as credit card numbers, email passwords, etc so the scammer can use the information for some fraudulent purpose. Over the past couple of years real estate agents have been a specific target of these scammers. Real estate agents are targeted in an effort to obtain the agents email password so the scammer can then send a phony email to the agents clients tricking them into wiring money to the fraudsters account rather than the title company for a closing. […]

Supply Of Homes For Sale In St Louis Hits Record Lows In March

The supply of homes for sale in St Louis continues to fall making it even more of a challenge for the home buyers out there while making it pretty easy on sellers. For the past couple of years we have seen homes, that were properly priced and marketed correctly, sell often on the first day, or within the fist few days, of coming on the market for sale. In fact, more and more it’s become common for homes to sell before actually even hitting the market officially. […]

Fastest Selling St Louis Neighborhoods Today Selling Nearly 50 Percent Faster Than 3 Years Ago

The St Louis real estate market has been a fast-selling seller’s market in many areas for what seems like a long time now. Currently, the fastest selling city within the St Louis area is Warson Woods where homes for sale there have been on the market just an average of 7 days, followed by Valley Park at 16 days. As the table below, with the 15 fastest selling neighborhoods, shows, the “slowest” fastest-selling neighborhood on the list, Webster Groves, is at 49 days for the average time current listings have been for sale there. […]

Home Affordability In St Louis Declining With Increasing Home Prices – Will Home Prices Suffer?

It seems almost crazy to even throw out the idea of an adjustment in St Louis home prices or, perhaps even, any sort of slow down in the rate of home price appreciation given that the inventory of homes for sale is so low in so many parts of the St Louis area, however, maybe it’s something to look at. […]

Number Of New Homes Sold In St Louis Declined Last Year After 2 Years Of Growth

New home sales in St Louis declined in 2016 after increasing during the prior two years, for both the entire St Louis MSA as a whole as well as the St Louis 5-County Core Market. […]

Hispanic Home Ownership Rate On The Rise While Overall Rate On The Decline

As I have discussed a few times over the past couple of years, the home ownership rate in the United States has been on the decline, finally reaching an historic low in 2016 at 63.4%. However, during the same time, the Hispanic home ownership rate increased from 45.4% in 2014 to 46% in 2016, according to the 2016 State of Hispanic Ownership Report. […]

St Louis Home Prices Increase Over 5 Percent In Past 12 Months; Sales up over 7 percent

The median price of homes sold in the St Louis core housing market (city of St Louis and counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin) was $179,900 for the past 12 months, an increase of 5.2% from the prior 12 month period when the median price of St Louis homes sold was $171,000. […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – March 2017

There just aren’t enough homes for sale in many price ranges! This month, like many months before, you will see that all five counties in the St Louis core market (city of St Louis and the counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin) all have less than a 6 month supply of homes for sale (a few less than half of that), so it remains a sellers market in many areas! While the market is doing well, you will notice the trend over the past 24 months, as I describe in the video is down a little in terms of number of homes sales which is due simply the lack of homes available for sale. There doesn’t appear to be a shortage of buyers at this point, just a shortage of sellers. […]

Percentage of St Louisans With Sub-Prime Credit Has Improved to Pre-Housing Bubble Levels

The percentage of people in St Louis with a sub-prime credit score (below 660) has continued to improve since peaking in most St Louis area counties around 2008, according to the latest data released by Equifax. As the interactive map below shows, 30.63% of the people in the city of St Louis had sub-prime credit in the 4th quarter of 2016. This is a decline from the 4th quarter of 2008 when it was 38.42% and even down from 2006, the year of the peak of the St Louis housing market, when 34.21% of people in the city of St Louis had sub-prime credit. […]

Midwest Home Builders Optimism About New Home Market Hits Record High in March

Happy home builders? Wow, I remember those days, back before the real estate bubble and market collapse, boy were those the days! Well, the good news is, while builders still have their challenges, according to the latest survey by the National Association of Home Builders, builders in the Midwest are more optimistic about the new home market than they have ever been! (or, at least since the beginning of the regional level index records that are published). […]

Are Landlords and Tenants Bad People?

So my headline is a rhetorical question and I personally don’t think landlords and tenants are bad people but, after seeing so many municipalities work so hard over the past few years passing ordinances that, in many cases, in my humble opinion, just tramples the property rights of landlords as well as the rights of tenants, one would have to believe that landlords and tenants must be some pretty bad people. After all, if not, why would some municipalities work so hard to discourage them from entering their cities and work hard to chase them out? […]

The Fastest Selling Neighborhoods In St Louis

The St Louis real estate market continues to be strong and, thanks for a low inventory of homes for sale in many areas, competitive. Accurately priced homes in popular neighborhoods often sell within a day or two of coming on the market. Listings in the fastest selling cities in St Louis spend an average of less than 30 days on the market. As the table below shows, the fastest selling city currently is Glendale (which has spent a lot of time at the top of this list over the last few months) with an average of just 23 days on the market for current listings, followed by Valley Park with an average listing time of 26 days. […]

Downtown St Louis Loft District Offers Value Priced Lofts

The St Louis downtown loft market had a slow start back in the early 90’s and then picked up some steam later in the 90’s when Missouri launched its historic tax credit program. The loft market, as the chart below illustrates, peaked in 2005, stalling out before the majority of the residential hit its peak in 2006. The St Louis loft market saw a kind of double peak with prices rising in 2007 after dipping the year before, but then loft prices followed suit with the rest of the market and started a long slow decline until hitting bottom in 2011. […]

What Is A Villa?

An ever-increasing number of aging baby boomers are becoming empty nesters and coming to the realization they no longer need that 3, 4 or even 5 bedroom home they own. In addition, many of them, also find themselves tired of the upkeep that comes with the big house on the large lot. These issues, […]

Moderate Priced Homes In St Louis Out Perform Luxury Home Sales

St Louis is known as an affordable place to live so it is not surprising that there is a fairly robust housing market for affordable and moderate priced homes. When it comes to luxury homes in St Louis however ($500,000 and above for the sake of discussion here), the market is much cooler. […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Off To A Good Start For 2017

Last year was a good year for the St Louis real estate market and, thus far, 2017 is off to a pretty good start in St Louis as well! As the chart and tables below illustrates, home prices in the St Louis area have been trending upward over the past couple of years and sales are holding pretty steady. […]

Landlords Get Best Return With Rentals In City Of St Louis

Investors that rental property may find their best returns, relative to the price of the homes they buy, in the City of St Louis, according to some county-level rental data compiled by MORE, REALTORS. As the tables below illustrate, over the past 12 months the median price of homes sold in the City of St Louis was $106.57 per square foot and the median annualized price per foot homes lease for was $11.04 which works out to a gross annual return on investment of 10.4%, the highest of the four St Louis area counties we looked at. […]

Are Ranch Style Homes A Better Investment?

The ranch-style home has been around a long time with it’s origin going back to 1920’s but this style of home became extremely popular in the 1940’s carrying through the 1970’s. Ranch-style homes are normally much wider than deep and feature open floor plans with a casual style. Over time, as incomes increased, as […]

St Louis Zip Code Makes List Of Ten Highest For Environmental Hazard Housing Risk

According to the annual Environmental Hazard Housing Risk Index Report, the St Louis zip code of 63133 has the 7th highest Environmental Hazard Housing Risk Index in the nation. The report, just released this morning by ATTOM Data Solutions, compiles data on homes and condos in zip codes with a high, or very high risk for at least one of four environmental hazards: Superfunds, brown fields, polluters or poor air quality. […]

Top Ten Buyers Markets In St Louis

While the bulk of the St Louis area spent most of the past year as a sellers market, real estate is very local and very seasonal, so there are still neighborhoods where buyers markets exist! So where are the buyers markets? Well, they are a constantly moving target due to the fluctuations I just mentioned, however, currently, as the list below illustrates, […]

Why You Need A Private Building Inspection When Buying A New Home

As a real estate broker and former real estate developer and builder, I’m surprised how many transactions I see in which a new home buyer forgoes a private building inspection thinking, since the home is new, an inspection is not necessary. […]

Franklin County Has Largest Increase In Both Median Home Prices And Sales In Past 12 Months

The median price of homes sold in Franklin County during the most recent 12 months was $146,000, an increase of 9.57% from the prior 12 month period when the median price was $133,250 marking the highest year over year increase of any of the St Louis area counties. […]

St Louis Condominium Market Going Strong

The condo market in the St Louis area is doing well with condo’s that sold in the past 12 months selling in a median time of just 27 days in the 5-County St Louis Core market. As the chart below shows, the median price for condo’s sold in the 5-county core market during this period went from $125,000 back in February 2016 to $139,500 in January 2017. There is currently a 3.3 month supply of condominiums for sale in the this market. […]

St Charles County Homes With Finished Basements Sell Faster and For More Per Foot

When considering making an improvement to their home, homeowners often look at it from both the enjoyment value it will give them and their family as well as the investment value of what they are doing. Granted, there are few, if any improvements, you can make to a home that will give you a 100% return on investment, meaning that, for every dollar you spend, your homes value will go up by a dollar, but there are certainly some improvements that come closer than others. […]

What Are The Fastest Selling Zip Codes In St Louis?

The winter months may be the “slow” season for real estate but there are plenty of areas throughout St Louis where homes are still selling fast! So, where are homes selling the fastest in St Louis? As the table below shows, the 63143 zip code area which is the Maplewood area, is currently the fastest selling neighborhood with an average of just 40 days on the market for current listings. […]

Homeownership Rate In U.S. Rises In 4th Quarter of 2016; Slips in Midwest Slightly

After the homeownership rate in the U.S. fell to 63.1% during the 2nd quarter of 2016, the lowest level since the U.S. Census Department began tracking this data in 1968, it rose to 63.4% during the 3rd quarter and then to 63.5% during the 4th quarter of 2016, according to data just released by the U.S. Census Bureau. […]

Survey Shows Nearly 70 Percent of Americans Feel Housing Market This Year Will Be Better Than 2016

Most Feel Trump Will Be Good For Housing Market in 2017 The survey also revealed that 52 percent of Americans believe the housing market will do better under the Trump administration. When it comes to the millennial generation, 59 percent of that generation feel the Trump administration will be good for the housing market. […]