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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Paved The Path For Fair Housing

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a name synonymous with civil rights who, along with his followers, led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Through the efforts of the civil rights movement, Dr. King and others were able to get the attention of our nation resulting in President John F. Kennedy, in a […]

Want To Sell Your Home? We Know The Name Of The Likely Buyer!

When you interview real estate agents to consider them to list your home there are all sorts of claims they can make as to what they will do different, or how they will get your home sold quicker, for more, etc. But how about this one? I can tell you the name of the person […]

St Charles County Home Sales Trend Downward Over Past 12 Months- Prices Trend Upward

Home sales and home prices in St Charles County during the 12-month period ending November 30, 2017, are trending in opposite directions. Home sales in St Charles County have, as the chart below reveals, declined 5.7% from 6,155 home sales for the 12 month period ended November 30, 2016 to 5,806 home sales for the […]

St Louis City & County Home Sales Trend Downward Over Past 12 Months- Prices Trend Upward

Home sales and home prices in St Louis city and St Louis County during the 12-month period ending November 30, 2017, are trending in opposite directions. Home sales, for these two areas combined, have, as the chart below reveals, declined 4.2% from 44,823 home sales for the 12 month period ended November 30, 2016 to […]

Top Ten St Louis Zip Codes Where Homes Sell For Highest Price Per Foot

If you have read any of my articles here about home prices previously, you will probably know that I feel price per foot is the best way to compare home prices. Looking at home prices in this manner makes it easier to do apples to apples comparison on home prices. Speaking of apples, they are […]

Distressed Home Sales In St Louis Continue Downward Trend

Distressed home sales, foreclosures, bank and government-owned homes and short sales, continue to decline in St Louis as the economy and housing market continue to improve. The chart below illustrates this downward trend as, for each monthly data point, it shows the total number of distressed home sales in the 5-county core St Louis market […]

St Louis Foreclosure Rate Falls Over 6 Percent From Year Ago

The real estate market in St Louis continues to improve and grow stronger, evidenced by the declining foreclosure rates being reported by ATTOM Data Solutions. For November 2017, there were 857 foreclosure actions taken on housing units within the St Louis MSA, a decline of 17.52% from the month before and a decline of 6.54% […]

St Louis Homes Are Still Selling Fast! What Areas Are Selling the Fastest?

With just a few days before Christmas and Thanksgiving less than a month ago, this is normally known as the “slow season” for real estate however, homes in St Louis continue to sell in record time! Below are the 10 St Louis metro area cities where homes have sold the fastest, based upon the average […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – December 2017

St Louis home sales are on pace to top last year! The inventory of homes for sale continues to be low and home price appreciation over the past year has been at at good, sustainable rate. Find out more, as well as get information on some of St Louis’s best resources for home buyers and […]

Home Flipping In St Louis Hits Lowest Level In A Year

St Louis flipped homes accounted for 6.6% of home sales in the St Louis MSA during the 3rd quarter of 2017, the lowest level since the 3rd quarter of 2016 when flips made up 6.3% of the St Louis home sales. For the purposes of this report, a “flip” was defined as a property that […]

St Louis Home Prices Have Increased Thirty-Four Percent In Past 6 Years….Too much, too fast?

After the housing bubble burst in 2008, home prices finally hit bottom in the St Louis metro area, as they did in most areas of the U.S., during 2012. Since then, home prices in most areas have not only regained the post-bubble burst losses but have appreciated handsomely as well. For the St Louis MSA, […]

Eight-Five Percent Of People That Move In St Louis Stay In Missouri…Only 7 Percent Move out of Midwest

The US Census Bureau recently released “Mover Rate” data which showed who moves, how frequently, the demographics of those who have moved as well as the geography of where they move. While they don’t have the data published at the city or county level, I did pull the data for here in the Midwest Region […]

Black Friday Home Sales In St Louis

Ok, everyone knows Black Friday is a huge shopping day, historically the largest shopping day of the year, but is it a big day to shop for a home as well? Well, based on our data from last year, maybe not so much. As our tables show below, while there were 35 homes and condos […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

By the President of the United States of America A ProclamationIt has pleased Almighty God to prolong our national life another year, defending us with His guardian care against unfriendly designs from abroad and vouchsafing to us in His mercy many and signal victories over the enemy, who is of our own household. It has […]

St Louis City & County Home Sales This Year On Track To Top Last Year – Prices & Inventory Up Slightly Also

Home sales in the city and county of St Louis this year have pretty consistently, from month to month, been at a pace roughly 5 percent higher than at the same time last year. As our chart below illustrates, we began this year with 747 homes sold (not including distressed sales) in St Louis city […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – November 2017

Will home sales this year fall short of last years total? Have home prices risen too much in St Louis? Is there still a shortage of homes for sale in St Louis? Find the answers, data behind the answers, as well as complete, and up to date, home price and sales data for the entire […]

St Louis Neighborhoods Where Homes SOLD The Fastest In Last 30 Days

As we head into the holidays and winter months, the St Louis real estate market is slowing as is typical, however, it is still going fairly strong. Below are the 10 St Louis metro area cities where homes sold the quickest, based upon the days it too homes to sell that closed in the last […]

St Louis Rental Vacancies At Lowest Rates In Over A Decade

The vacancy rate for rentals in St Louis during the third quarter of this year was 9.8%, significantly lower than the median vacancy rate of 11.5% for that quarter since 2004. The year to date median vacancy rate for 2017, through the first 3 quarters, is 8.1% which is tied with last years rate, the […]

Home Mortgage Lending In Low and Moderate Income Areas On The Rise

There is little doubt that lower-income individuals and, subsequently, lower-income neighborhoods, were impacted more negatively by the housing market bubble burst in 2008 than other areas. This resulted in extremely high mortgage delinquency rates, high foreclosure rates, and declining home values. Afterward, citing “loose” lending standards, sub-prime mortgages, etc, the mortgage market tightened the reins […]

St Louis Homeownership Rate Hits Highest Level In Two Years

The homeownership rate in St Louis, during the 3rd quarter of this year was 68.0 percent, the highest level since the 3rd quarter of 2015 when the rate was 70.3 percent, according to data just released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Homeownership Rate St Louis MSA

(We work hard on this and sure would […]

Number of St Louis Homeowners With Negative Equity Continues To Drop In Most Areas

Over the past couple of years, as the St Louis real estate market has continued performing well, mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures have continued to decline. Rising home value has also caused the number of “underwater” homeowners, also known as homeowners in a negative-equity position (meaning their mortgage balance exceeds their homes current value) to decline […]

New Home Construction On The Rise In Warren County And Other Outlying Counties

New home construction in the St Louis and surrounding areas for the first three quarters of this year is up slightly from the same time last year, according to the latest permit data from the Home Builders Association of Greater St Louis. However, as the table below shows, only 4 of the 7 counties reviewed […]

City of St Louis Has Second Highest Vacant Property Rate In The U.S.

As of the end of September, in the city of St Louis, 7,265 of the 104,288 residential properties in the city were vacant, giving the city a vacant property rate of 6.97 percent, the 2nd highest of all the counties in the U.S., according to a newly released report by ATTOM Data Solutions. The number […]

St Louis Has Higher Standard of Living Than 94 Percent Of All Metro Areas

James Bullard, President, and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis gave a rather flattering report on St Louis during a presentation earlier this month. Speaking at the Bi-State Development annual meeting, Mr. Bullard’s presentation, “Living Standards across U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas” compared income, home prices as well as other economic data of […]

St Louis City & County See Home Sales Fall In September While Prices Spike

The city and county of St Louis, collectively, accounted for nearly two-thirds of the home sales in the St Louis core-market during the past 12 months. There were 16,790 homes sold in the city and county of St Louis during the period October 1, 2016, through September 30, 2017, 61.0% of the 27,517 total number […]

St Louis County Dominates St Charles County In The Luxury Home Market

Over the past 20 years, there have been 2.75 times more homes sold in St Louis County (250,486) than St Charles County (90,933). Given that the population in St Louis County at the beginning of this period was 4 times that of St Charles County and, even today is nearly 2.6 times more, St Charles […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – October 2017

Is there a market correction coming to the St Louis real estate market? Find the answer, data behind it, as well as complete, and up to date, home price and sales data for the entire St Louis market, in our just released market update video.

In our MORE, REALTORS, 5 Minute St Louis Real Estate […]

New Kitchens Help Sell Homes, But New Roof & Windows Get Better Return

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) just released it’s 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, in which they rank Kitchen Renovation and Upgrade at the top of their list for appeal to buyers as well as for most likely value to the home for resale. Next on the list, in both categories, was Bathroom renovation.

According to […]

St Louis Mortgage Delinquency Rate Continues To Fall

On a national level, according to a report released by Corelogic, the foreclosure rate is at a 10-year low and, for the most part, mortgage delinquency rates continue to fall as real estate markets around the country continue to improve.

The state of Missouri, as well as it’s two big metro areas, St Louis and […]

Mortgage Fraud Risk Report Shows Missouri In Top Five Increased Risk States

CoreLogic just released it’s 2017 Mortgage Fraud Report in which Missouri made the list of the five states with the highest year-over-year risk growth for mortgage fraud. The two types of fraud Missouri made the list on were Transaction fraud risk and Undisclosed Real Estate Debt fraud risk.

Below are some national highlights from the […]